Discus the Saudi Arabia national vision 2030 in technology. / Social media platform helps to promote to seek funds.

Private Sector PESTEL analysis of Saudi Arabia
The paper about putting together information on the effective of the private sector engaging with the UN agencies focusing on Children and Youth in KSA. using PESTEL analyze structure focusing on how to effectively raise funds and leverage non-financial private sector resources in KSA? – IDENTIFY and ANALYZE the Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) factors that we should take into consideration/ the humanitarian development, Philanthropic, NGOs and Charitable foundations in Saudi Arabia. Outline: Overview: A brief introduction about KSA and the private sectors current situation Overview about Saudi Arabia private sector and how those factors influencing the role of significant growth coms form private sectors? The GDP? Humanitarian development index ranking number? Per capita? National vision 2030. PESTEL analaysis – Political Factor current political situation. Dose Saudi Arabia hosting international events in any field for example sport international games or international forum related to Economic or education and humanitarian development, Children or Youth? – Economical Factor Source of the state income (oil production or any other sources) how this effect the country strategy in foreign aid / The Private sector and the Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR)/ give example of a successful companies / number of the firms in Saudi Arabia is increasing or decreasing? (DATA is important). – Social Factor how the social situation and value contributed positively to the development of the private sector in Saudi Arabia. Are the Saudi individuals can establish financial investment? / The government and the child right? UN engagement in Saudi Arabia? the transformation that is going on more than two years. . Around 70 percent of the population in Saudi arabia is less than 30 and another statistic more than 50% is less than 25. Over 25 years grew around three hundred 33 percent which means the government has a lot of jobs to creates. Figures from KSA: 50% of the population who are less than 25. Is job creation in Saudi is a problem? 12 Million expats lives in SA and they contribute to the economy. – Technological Factor : Innovation and science organizations (give example) is contributing to the country economic growth and helping in the development of private sectors? Discus the Saudi Arabia national vision 2030 in technology. / Social media platform helps to promote to seek funds. – Environmental Factor what the state did to enhance the awareness of environmental protection to regulate the pollution of the environment/ clean atmosphere is very critical to attract investors to the country. Do they have Solar energy in Kuwait? Recycling process? – Legal Factor Discuss the legislations that regulate the operations the organizations and industries. / Legal factors that is critical to business activities. / Discuss the law of Charitable Activities and if it legal to raise money in Saudi Arabia from the public sectors or people? What is the labor laws in Saudi Arabia and is it inline to international labor organization? I would like you to explain in this PESTEL of those factors and looking at how they have an impact on Private Sector in KSA? At the end of the paper list of big companies big foundations like alwaleed foundation, MSK foundation, ect. add More Do research on Saudi Arabia philanthropic landscape. who are the major donors, foundations and corporations funding child-related issues? – Research on Private Sectors BIG COMPANIES in Saudi that have social corporate responsibility (CSR) in KSA Please only follow this structure and the details mentioned.

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