Discuss 4 factors that place Akuba at risk for developing a mental illness.

Joojo Annan and his wife Akuba met 10 years ago in Ghana and are new immigrants to Brampton. They arrived 11 months ago. Joojo is 50 years old and Akuba is 26 years old-G2T1P0A1L1, G2P1. Joojo was a doctor in Ghana and is spending long hours at university trying to upgrade so he has the right to practice general medicine in Canada. Joojo also works as a taxi cab driver to make ends meet. Akuba and Joojo have no family in Canada but an extensive family in Ghana. Akuba was trained as a teacher but has not worked since immigrating to Canada. Their first language is Akan but they do speak English as well. This is a monogamous relationship and they have been married for 4 years. Two years ago they decided to abort their first pregnancy as the timing was not good because they were wanting to immigrate to Canada. They still struggle with that decision. Akuba is an independent person but misses her family and is still adjusting to life in Canada. She is finding it difficult to make friends. They are active in their religion and participate every week. Akuba is 4 weeks postpartum. She delivered a 4000 gram baby girl at 41 weeks gestation. The birth went beautifully. Akuba was breastfeeding when she left the hospital and appeared to be happy. Unfortunately, one week after the baby was born Joojo had to return to Ghana as his father had died and he needed to deal with family financial issues. He is anticipated to be away for 1 month. The pastor of their church had visited Akuba and was concerned about her appearance so he called the Public Health Nurse to assess Akuba. You are that nurse… Akuba does not answer the door when you ring the bell but you can hear the TV inside. It takes Akuba 5 minutes to answer the door. She is in a dirty sweatshirt and pants that are stained with milk, smudges of food, and her breasts are leaking onto her shirt. Her hair is not well kept, the baby is crying and has not had her clothes changed in many days. The baby has crusted milk in her neck, is in a diaper that does not look like it has been changed in several days. The baby girl has a terrible diaper rash. The apartment is cluttered, dirty dishes are evident. Akuba looks vague and asks “what day is it?” “….is it Tuesday?”

Additional Information Patient data: Age 26 years, Weight 60kg, Height 165 cm Signs/Symptoms: Complains of feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless Allergy: Penicillin Medications: Ferrous Gluconate -has not taken this Previous Illness: Anemia, Insomnia, Heart palpitations Last meal: Two days ago Events Preceding: Vaginal Birth 4 weeks ago Akuba Annan Mental Health Nursing Case Study Questions

1. Discuss 4 factors that place Akuba at risk for developing a mental illness. (4 marks)

2. List 3 priority nursing assessments. Why are each of these important? (4 marks)

3. List 3 priority nursing interventions. Why are each of these important? (4 marks)

4. Discuss how therapeutic communication will help the nurse care for Akuba and her family? (4 marks)

5. Provide 3 examples of how the nurse will employ therapeutic communication skills when caring for Akuba and her family. (3 marks) *Please note “example” requires the discussion of a concrete application rather than simply listing a technique.

6. Does Akuba’s behavior warrant involuntary admission to the hospital? Why or why not? (3 marks)

7. Discuss three legal/ethical considerations related to this case. (3 marks)

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