discuss on how nurses communicate using social media

I need a Organized Annotated Bibliography done
(((MY Topic is Nursing and social media))) and ((((my thesis is . In this paper I will discuss on how nurses communicate using social media, how social media is a professional development for nurses, guidance and education nurses will need to follow using social media, and proper confidentiality with social media.))))
Usually, an annotated bibliography is done in alphabetical order, but in this activity we are going to combine an annotated bibliography with a paper outline. This activity will help you not only to decide on what sources you will use and what you will say about them, but it will also help you consider where your sources might be useful in your argument.
On a Word or .rft file, create a basic outline that included the following sections:
Thesis: (write your current thesis)
Body Paragraph
Body Paragraph
Body Paragraph
(you may add as many body paragraphs as you need, but three is the minimum).
Five sources are required. Two must be from peer reviewed journals.The parts are:
Each annotated bibliography contains three parts.
Citation (you may use whatever citation style is preferred in your field).
Useful Quotes
and an Evaluative Annotation. In your evaluative annotation also note why you placed the quote where you did.
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Annotated Bibliography
Noonan, M. C., & Rippeyoung, P. L. F. (2011). The economic costs of breastfeeding for
Breastfeeding Medicine
(5), 325+. Retrieved from
Quote #1: ?Would we find greater societal support of breastfeeding if both men
and women engaged in the practice??
Raisler, J. (2000). Midwives helping mothers to breastfeed: Food for thought and action.
Journal of Midwifery & Women?s Health
, 45(3), 202-204. doi:
Quote #2: ?Our culture?s conflicted attitudes about breasts, infant feeding, and
sexuality interfere with women?s right to breastfeed their children. These factors,
combined with the barriers in the U.S. healthcare system and work places, create
obstacles for breastfeeding that are unique to women in the industrialized world.?
Peterson, J., & Garman, K. (2004). Breastfeeding laws, needed or not?
Kansas Nurse,
(1), 1-3. Retrieved from
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Quote #3:
?The purpose of legislation in most states is to clarify that breastfeeding
is legal and the laws are designed to change societal attitudes about breastfeeding.?
Evaluation Annotation
The first quote assists in the introduction of the topic, stating a thought-provoking
question that sets the tone for the entire paper.
The source itself discusses the
controversy about breastfeeding, and suggests several solutions to the problem.
The idea
that breastfeeding would be socially accepted if it was not exclusively linked to women is
related to the arguments of the final paper for this course.
The second quote helps to
create a foundation, serving as a summary of the main points in the introduction itself.
The author argues the factors that act as barriers against women, in a society in which
women have to juggle between motherhood and career.
The third quote aligns with the
idea that the social attitudes mentioned in the second quote need to be changed, and that
the main purpose of the laws that are presently in place do not protect women; instead, a
perfunctory result of doing women a disservice has been accomplished.
The source itself
claims that the laws have limited women.
Furthermore, it argues that women are forced
to choose between being a mother and having a career; hence, the choice to be involved
in both has been restricted.
I will use these quotations in my introduction paragraph to
catch the reader?s attention, provide a background on the issue, and build up to my thesis.
Breastfeeding laws do not provide a solution for women who want to be involved
in both family and work; instead, these helps to exclude and promote division, by
supporting and encouraging breastfeeding in public but not in the workplace.
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1 Annotated Bibliography on Nursing and Social Media
Institution: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 2 Introduction
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