Discuss privacy concerns associated with emerging new technologies in healthcare

The FBI and Apple had a dispute related to unlocking encrypted iPhones for law enforcement purposes with implications related to the owner’s data security and privacy and the need to prevent crime. For this topic:

Summarize the key issues related to the dispute
Take either Apple or the FBI position and argue on behalf of this position
Recommend a possible compromise position that would have pacified both parties. (20%)

Healthcare information technology is becoming increasingly important. For this topic:

Describe the role of cybersecurity in healthcare.
Discuss privacy concerns associated with emerging new technologies in healthcare
Discuss ways to address the concerns you pointed out. (20%)

What were the security issues surrounding the initial implementation of Healthcare.gov? What additional measures would you suggest in order to address the continued attacks on this website? (20%)
Hospitals, school districts, and even churches have succumbed to the demands of ransomware hackers.

Discuss ransomware and recommend ways to prevent it based on your learning in the course as well as your outside reading.
Discuss the actions ransomware victims should take immediately after learning of a ransomware attack. Include your rationale for recommending these measures. (20%)

What is steganography? Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of at least 4 steganography tools used to create malware as well as to perform digital forensics. (20%)
General Instructions

Exam Formatting Instructions:

Prepare your exam in Wordor PDF format.
The minimum lengthof your response to each primary topic above is 150 words.
Include in-text citations for each responseto support your arguments and a reference list at the end of your document.
The exam is due by Sunday of term end 11:59:59PM, U.S. Eastern Time.
Late submissions will receive an exam grade of zero.
After your assignment meets all of the stated criteria in the posting, attach the exam in your Assignmentsfolder. Note: You must check the file(s) right after submission to make sure the right file(s) are submitted. No resubmission after the due date is allowed without prior my approval. Only valid submissions in the correct assignments folder can be graded.
Grading Rubrics:

Level of understanding of topic demonstrated
Originality and substance reflected in the response
Level of research reflected by citations and references used.
Clarity and coherence of writing

Level of compliance with APA formatting requirements

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