Discuss the efficacy of maggot debridement therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers


This is an essay based literature review paper, you should therefore critique this paper using different evidence based articles on the topic ( no text books or websites must be used, you must only use nursing journals or reputable data bases like cochrane library, EMbase and ebscohost are permitted) minimum of 12 references within 8-10 years of publication. It should have an introduction and a conlusion. Background: you should discuss about the causes,prevelance, and complications of diabetic foot ulcers in Australia.

Body: must contain articles that have information on the efficiency of maggot therapy, critique each article you are using and link their similaries and difference, their strenghts and weaknessess and the types of study each one used. For example say if the article was a double blind research or systematic research and so on. Must also include how the article informations you reviewed impacts/ influences clinical pratice. You must Include the study designs each article contains. Use search terms like larval therapy,maggot therapy, maggot wound healing and diabetic foot ulcers. I have a plagiarism checking portal to check the uniquess of this paper so make sure it is not plagiarized. Note :the assessment most be sent to me in word document for easy edicting! And must be referenced intext and on the reference list using the APA format. Thanks and looking forward to a great essay and a great score.

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