Discuss the technical issues behind the HealthCare.gov site.


Discuss the technical issues behind the HealthCare.gov site. If you were the CIO of the government agency responsible for managing the site, what should have been done to prevent the issues from occurring? Explain your rationale. Also, what role would decision support technologies have in dealing with the issues?

Identify, describe and contrast the two major forms of search engine marketing.

As the systems development team leader, you have been instructed to use the Systems Development Life Cycle in developing a new cloud-based real-time supply chain management computing platform for your company. Outline the basic steps of the life cycle, identify specific (not generic) deliverable from each step for the problem at hand, and discuss specific strategies for accelerating the process. Detail potential issues you would anticipate in using the life cycle methodology.

A large health care organization is planning to implement an automated patient care system that will enable the health care organization to electronically share information with their patients. They would like to provide patients with online access to medical records, submit consent forms for treatment, and enable electronic payment of bills. Discuss and explain the security risks and identify relevant security technologies necessary to protect both the patients and the health care organization.

Your rapidly growing organization is located in a historic building in downtown Boston. Most data managed by the organization is noncritical except for a couple of databases that hold the company’s financial and employee information. Originally the organization took up just a small part of one floor but will be expanding to 2 adjacent floors. You are tasked to provide network capabilities for all employees as well as visiting contractors. Describe the type of networking technology you would implement and explain why. Compare your solution to other technologies.

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