Discuss with examples the connection between nursing process


The purpose of the Essay Exam is to find out how well you can approach the given question(s) and write an essay. Listed below, along with some instructions are a few ideas and hints which will assist you execute your finest on the essay.

1. Read the question(s) vigilantly and answer them accordingly.

2. Begin setting up your paper as soon as you have been given the exam question. Making an outline or notes about your plans might prove helpful.

3. Organization of your essay is important. In general, the passing essay will have a central idea that is directly Mated to the assigned question; have a clear organizational plan; develop points with evidence and details in a coherent. logical, and non-repetitious way; and avoid frequent or serious errors in grammar, word choice, and sentence structure.

4. Allow yourself a little time at the end of your writing to check your paper and make any needed changes.

5. You must type your essay

Please make sure to read the following question(s) and answer aecordiagly.

Question (l); As a nurse manager; how can you create a work environment in which the necessary elements and requirements for the main components of the FIRM process can be met?

Question (2); Discuss with examples the connection between nursing process, decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking?

To answer the question (s); you are required to use at least two references from a related nurringiournairpublished within the last five years. Make sure to answer each question according to the following criteria:

1- The maximum number of pages is 3 pages excluding reference list.

2- Use DOUBLE LINE spacing

3- Use the FONT of “Times New Roman”

4- Use font SIZE of 12


6- Provide an APA reference list

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