Dissemination of Evidence Proposal Evaluation

NURS 499 DF Response Instructions: Dissemination of Evidence Proposal Evaluation BOOK NAME: Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses https://www.chegg.com/auth?profile=VST&action=login&redirect=https://www.chegg.com/auth/external/vst/callback READ Chapter 18 Evaluating Outcomes of Innovations (Pages 471-484) Chapter 19 Sharing the Insights with others (487-511) Disseminating Evidence Based Practice Projects: Poster Design & Evaluation (uploaded file) Evidence-based Nursing Outcome (uploaded file) Format Do not use quotations in this discussion. Paraphrase your sources. *Please use resources related to critical care units/ICU* Topic Evaluation is done so one can determine if the changes were successful and need to be continued or no successful and should be revised or eliminated. Evaluation of the changes will be based upon what the changes were and how you determined what the problem was to begin with. That method of determination can probably be used to measure the changes after implementation. Dissemination can be done in many forms. As a nurse serious about making things better for patients or staff, you are obligated to share your successes and failures with others to improve things for all patients or staff. The type of dissemination should fit the audience you are addressing. Response Discussion Post Instructions: Respond to your classmate’s discussion post on Dissemination and Evaluation of Evidence. My classmate was instructed to answer the following questions below in their discussion post: 1) How will you know your proposal is sound? How will you evaluate your strategy success once implemented? Describe exactly how the proposal will be evaluated for its effectiveness – What are you going to do to evaluate it? – Whos Going to Evaluate It? – When is it going to be evaluated? (Project last 3 months) – What are you going to do with it once you get the results? – Outline Evaluation Criteria?(what is the step by step process youre going to use to evaluate? 2) How will you share your findings with others in your facility (or elsewhere)? Discuss your anticipated findings Support with at least 1 scholarly peer reviewed journal article to support your position is required. Peer reviewed journals must be LESS than 5 YEARS OLD, and from the UNITED STATES. (Your text book may be used as a source but does NOT count toward the 1 required references). References must be different from the references used in My Initial Discussion Post and Respond to this Post. I have uploaded a document labeled My Initial Discussion Post and Respond to this Post, so you can see the references used as well as the context of My Original Discussion Post. APA formatting applies and includes the following for your response post A) In text citations in APA format B) Reference list in APA format (include doi) Your response should be MAXIMUN 200 words. In text citations do count in the word count, but references do not. Please double space between paragraphs but do NOT use double spacing or indention throughout Grading Rubric: Contribution of New Ideas 1. Contributed new information to the discussion by bringing in relevant ideas from outside course (prior knowledge). 2. Shared new perspective or analysis of ideas. 3. Substantive comments and questions that significantly helped to move the discussion forward. 4. One scholarly article in responding classmates essay are cited. Expression of Ideas; APA Style 1. Elaborated on ideas of classmate by sharing additional examples and adding further explanation 2. Discussion was expressed in a clear and respectful manner 3. APA style adhered to. No spelling or grammar errors; is within word limits, no quotations

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