Diverse Populations, Age and Interprofessional Health Promotion Resources


This paper is a 3-4 page project that is an analysis of a condition and resources on one health topic for the adult population throughout the lifespan. Consider the influence of socioeconomic status (SES), culture, gender, ethnicity, and spirituality on mental and physical health, as it relates specifically to age in adulthood. What interprofessional resources and exist for the topic? The adult lifespan, young, middle and older adult, related risks to the issue should be addressed. (This topic is for the adult population, not adolescents). Are there interventions that benefit the outcome? Consider physiological, psychological and/ or iatrogenic risks. Epidemiological support should be included in the paper.

Be creative in how you address the Assignment. You may choose a specific health topic, social health issue, a health condition or create a family scenario. Consider life transitions and role change. Be sure to include behaviors affecting the risks for the issue or topic, addressing this across the adult lifespan. Again, resources on interprofessional collaboration should be clear and supported with evidence based sources. Analysis of health promotion issues and interprofessional collaboration covers all aspects of nursing. Master’s-prepared nurse educators, leaders, nurse practitioners and all specialty nursing fields are contributors to health promotion in populations across the life span. This Assignment is focused on the adult. You should choose a topic that affects your area of specialty focus as it relates to health promotion and epidemiology.

Unit 10 Assignment

Health Promotion-Interprofessional Screening resources and guidelines

· USPTF-Prevention Screening http://www.ahrq.gov/professionals/clinicians-providers/guidelines-recommendations/guide/index.html

· You will need to create a chart that illustrates Adult screenings, Grades A, and B: preventative care measures for individuals ranging from age 21-65.

· Well person visit recommendations- be sure to break this out clearly as to what is being screened at the well visits, or list them separately within the chart.

· Prevention counselings

· Cancer Screening recommendations (cervical, breast, colon, lung)

· Other preventative services (dental care, vision care)

· https://www.uspreventativeservicestaskforce.org/Page/Name/uspstf-a-and-b-recommendations

· https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/adult.html

· Adult immunization recommendations

· There should be sufficient information as to what the screening is and intervals

· Look up examples of prevention guideline charts to help you get some design ideas. Be sure your content and information is current per the required source above and is not content based on design example, which may be outdated or inaccurate.

· You must include gender and age groups in your chart data

· There is no narrative. This assignment consists of a title page, a chart and a reference page. It may span 1-3 pages.

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