“Do children carry the weight of divorce?”

November 17, 2019 Off All,


This is a research paper in Sociology. The topic of my paper is “Do children carry the weight of divorce?” That will also be the presumed title of my Paper. Professor wants me to use at least 6-7 sources. These sources must be scholarly written articles with abstracts and evidence of research that took place to test my hypothesis and CANNOT be articles that are openly accessible through a simple Google search. The paper has to be 10 pages long, size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced. PLAGIARISM is a HUGE NO NO. I will have to upload this document on the college portal where they can see if anything was plagiarized. I will try and attach a few links of articles that can be used to prove the research. The basic comparison we are making in this research paper is children with separated parents vs. children with both parents, and the impact that family dynamic has on the child, mentally, physically and emotionally. Please mention the various forms of research were taken place, when, where it took place and the results of the research. Please include a bibliography of all the sources used. And please USE ALL 7 of the scholarly articles to reference from in the research paper. PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM! Thank you! Please contact me via text on Whatsapp for any questions you may have. (347) 659-9135

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