Do you think the type of rehabilitation could be successful; why or why not

Your task for this assignment is to review the film Lockdown: Predators Behind Bars with an open mind. This film can be viewed using this link only: ASSIGNMENT: Your assignment is to WATCH the VIDEO AND WRITE AN ESSAY and IDENTIFY AND MAKE FIVE (5) COMPARISONS FROM THIS VIDEO BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS AND/OR SPECIFIC GROUPS. Examples are Rookie Officers vs. Veteran, within the Veteran Officer Group (Officer vs. Tactical), Inmate vs. Convict, Rookie Officer vs. Convict, Inmate Visitor vs. Victim, the effectiveness of the Warden (autocratic vs. bureaucratic and/or hands on hands off approach: who would you want to work for and why), and the ratio of staff to inmates and challenges officers or inmates may face may be confronted with. Not only identify them but describe and explain how their relationships within their group or between groups. FORMAT FOR ESSAY: You are to use the standard MLA Format for this essay. Margin: One inch on all sides Font size: 12 point Typeface: Times New Roman Spacing: Double-space the entire paper Punctuation: Leave one space after a period and other punctuation marks Alignment: Flush left, uneven on right Indentation: Indent one-half inch the first line of every paragraph Pagination: Number all pages in the header flush right with authors last name first TO HELP WRITE YOUR ESSAY AS DESCRIBED ABOVE, As you view this video take notes on how the individuals or groups listed below A) Self-identify or see themselves. B) How they interact within their own group, between the groups, along with their similarities or differences. C) How each group believes they are expected to behave, how the opposing group thinks they should behave, and actual roles that they have assumed. 1) The Warden 2) The Correction Officers (Rookie and Veteran) 3) The Inmates (Convicts and Inmates) 4) The use of the Tactical Response Team (their effectiveness and their ability to command/control inmates verses that of the rookie officer(s)) 5) The Families of Offenders 6) The Victims of Crimes In addition examine the: A) Physical plant, a. Housing b. Recreation Areas (Outside/Inside) c. Rehabilitation d. Mess Hall B) Type of security in use in the housing unit C) How and why inmates segregate themselves within the Mess Hall D) How classification and rehabilitation is being applied. a. Do you think the type of rehabilitation could be successful; why or why not. **Please send draft after 48 hrs. Thank you

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