Does the existing plan mention solar flares or other solar events?

In the Jurisdictional Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) Short Essay, students will begin the process of deconstructing the jurisdictional CEMP that they have retrieved online, earlier in this course. In this process of deconstruction, students will begin to really uncover the underlying components of the jurisdictional CEMP that they have selected. In this process of uncovering their plan’s components, students should begin looking for areas where the existing plan could use improvement. For example, does the existing plan that you are reviewing make any mentioning of Electromagnetic Pulse Attack (EMP Attack)? Does the existing plan mention solar flares or other solar events? Does the plan that you are reviewing adequately address the most socially vulnerable populations in our society such as the homeless and very poor? Those are just examples of where most CEMPs can be improved. There are many others.InstructionsStudents should write a two-page short essay white paper briefing providing some constructive criticism of the plan that they have selected to review. Is the student finding any glaring deficiencies? Or, is the student merely seeing where the plan has room for improvement? Either way, the student should provide a two-page briefing on these deficiencies, or areas of plan improvement, to be submitted to the professor of this course. Please make an effort to demonstrate thoughtfulness and creativity in your written assignment submissions that are unmistakably indicative of high-level critical thinking skills.Please include both in text citations and a reference list. Both should be in alignment with APA 6th edition citation form and style.Here is my jurisdictional CEMP:Evidence-based practice a renowned and essential program which is put in place to ensure that there is a comprehensive emergency management plan in healthcare. It is a sensitive and highly demanding niche which calls for a highly structured approach for the provision, management, and improvement of healthcare services. Evidence-based practice emerges as the only program which is aimed at realizing the three aims approach in healthcare. The United States, the U.K, Canada, and Australia are underpinned by the greatest healthcare spending, but unless the three aims approach is realized, there are no returns on investment.Evidence-based practice is a critical facet in comprehensive healthcare emergency management because it is underscored by factors such as critical thinking (World Health Organization, 2018). Whereas professional knowledge is central to the use of this plan, it ought to be recognized that the healthcare profession is required to continuously improve healthcare services and ensure that patient outcomes are realized. Evidence-based practice borrows from the three-prong approach, which includes the provision of enhanced healthcare services, the management of health across entire populations, and the reduction of costs, which re-associated with the provision of healthcare services.The comprehensive emergency management plan ought to be applied across all sectors in the healthcare niche where patient outcomes are measured in terms of mortality rate. Critical care nurses are bound by a professional code of ethics, which defines the kind of actions that they are meant to take in ensuring that the services offered are supported by contemporary academic and educational research. However, it ought to be recognized that this emergency management plan is dynamic, based on the professional skills of healthcare professionals, the educational level that they subscribe to and the belief systems which are held by the patient.ReferencesWorld Health Organization. (2018). The Health Sector in Emergency Management. Retrieved 02, 07, 2019 from,5511.pdfWorld Health Organization. (2007). Risk reduction and emergency preparedness: WHO six-year strategy for the health sector and community capacity development.

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