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1. Identify and discuss the women’s health issue you have chosen (see topic above) and provide statistical (quantitative) data regarding this women’s health issue.(2 pages) 2. Then provide qualitative data (women’s experiences/stories) regarding this women’s health issue.(2 pages) 3. To what extent is this an “invisible” women’s health issue? To what extent does this women’s health issue get ignored or overlooked? Are there any cultural stereotypes that surround this women’s health issue? If so, what are they? (1 page) 4. What are some of the political, economic, and cultural factors that may be impacting/contributing to this women’s health issue? Think about larger structural factors/forces impacting women’s experiences of this health issue. (1 page) 5. What aspects of this women’s health issue have already been researched? To what extent has there been multidisciplinary research conducted on this women’s health issue? What really hasn’t been researched yet? What are some future directions for research on this women’s health issue? (1 page) 6. Include any other interesting information that you have found when researching this particular women’s health issue. (1-2 paragraphs) 7. Please include 3 discussion questions for your classmates to consider at the end of your presentation. Number of references indicated is an arbitrary number-please use as many as needed (can be more or less than indicated), but make sure all are cited. Also please utilize in some way the attached chapter from the Alexander (New Dimensions of Women’s Health 8th edition) textbook.

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