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As a student, I scored an interesting interview with J.C, a patient suffering from major depression. It had taken me the courage to ask this man some very personal question about his journey with depression. In the process, I leaned how music was his refuge from the dark moment of depression. His dark cloud lifted thanks to music. ?I have fought with depression my whole life ?said the 27 year. His depression translated into excessive drug use, multiple hospital stay, electroconvulsive therapy ECT, and antidepressants. Unfortunately for him, sometimes the negative side effects of the medications outweigh the positives ?The worst for me are the sexual side effects, which are unfortunate ? he says ?You treat your depression in and kill your sex drive that?s an irony?. J.C, who says a history of PTSD in his past brought on his depression, sees a counselor, psychologist, and now a music therapist. His therapist use music and all of its facets-mental social and spiritual to help him improve. In some instances, the music helps him get his mind off , the guilt, and thoughts of suicide he usually experience; in other ways it just helps him relax. The explanations for this are described in an article published august, 2011 in the British Journal of Psychiatry: Erkkila., et al
The aims of the study were to assess the effectiveness of music therapy for improving depression, and to determine the efficacy of music therapy added to standard care in the treatment of disorder among adults. According to Erkkila et al, the study shows that therapy may be an appropriate intervention among adults with severe depression disorder. As such, The response rate was significantly higher for the music therapy in comparison to the standard care only group. In the study, participants receiving music therapy show greater improvement in compare to those receiving only standard care. Music therapy combined with standard care is as effective as pharmaceutical treatments, but without the side effects. The results of this study along with previous research indicate that music therapy with its specific qualities is a valuable intervention in caring for the patient with depressive disorder.

Music therapy has been well defined as a rational procedure in which the depressed patient can benefit from. Music therapy methods have found to be successful as social, psychoanalytic, didactic or humanistic simulations of treatment.
The depressed patient it at risk for self-directed violence: risk factor may include moments of sadness, feeling of guilt, feeling of worthlessness and feeling of hopelessness. Nursing priority would be to structure environment to maintain safety meaning to provide external controls, or limit setting as indicated by the physician. In addition, decrease opportunities for the patient to injure self can help the patient focus on other coping strategy and learn different ways to deal with its depression. A positive outcome would be the for the patient to engage in music therapy for managing feeling of depression.
Another nursing diagnoses relating to this patient would be Social Isolation
which may be related to psychological alteration of mental status, decreased energy, or sometimes the patient is unable to engage in a satisfying relationship because of feeling of worthlessness. The nursing priority would be to mobilize a support system. JC is from an abusive family, and still there

Can you edit grammar, sentence structure, turn it into full 2 pages…please use APA citation correctly, the paper is about music therapy in patient with depression. I will like you to use the article in the paper as reference, and use citation when necessary. link to the article http://bjp.rcpsych.org/content/199/2/132.full As a student, I had an interesting chance to interview J.C., who is suffering from major
depression. It took me really lots of courage to ask him some very personal questions regarding
the… The way to approach this… View the full answer

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