Evaluate legislation, policies, and economics as applied to the current healthcare environment.

MSN Program Outcomes (Nursing Informatics)
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The focus of this assignment is on achievement of the MSN Program Learning Outcomes. At this time you are asked to critically reflect on your MSN journey, learning,
and its application in your work life. Now is the time to summarize in a brief paper your achievement of the MSN program learning outcomes. Please use the MSN program
learning outcomes: general and specialization track. You may include reference to your specialization track professional competencies to articulate your achievements
as an MSN prepared nurse.
You will submit a 4-5 page paper using APA formatting (excluding title page and reference page). Be sure to cite at least three references using APA format.
• Introduce your paper identifying your MSN specialization track and the overall outline of your paper. Specialty track is Nursing Informatics. You may use attached
paper written by me in nursing informatics if needed.
• Articulate your learning across the program using the MSN core and specialization program learning outcomes
• Provide evidence (examples) of how you have applied this learning to your nursing practice
• Discuss changes in your nursing practice that align to your specialization track’s professional competencies and/or plans to achieve certification
• Discuss goals for life-long learning as an MSN prepared nurse
• Appropriately cites scholarly work and references used in this paper
• Conclusion
Master’s program in nursing general outcomes:
Specialty outcomes in nursing informatics:
• Utilize informatics in health care settings to improve patient outcomes.
• Evaluate applications that acquire, process and report clinical and financial information.to enhance patient care.
• Demonstrate data management skills that target opportunities to improve patient safety.
• Develop a detailed project management plan for evaluating, contracting and implementing new technologies to improve health outcomes and reduce risk.
• University Principles and MSN Program Learning Outcomes Aligned with this Course
• Accountability:
Analyze models that expand the role of nurses in a global society.
Use theoretical knowledge to guide graduate nursing practice.
• Citizenship:
Evaluate legislation, policies, and economics as applied to the current healthcare environment.
• Leadership:
Integrate roles as leaders and collaborators in various healthcare settings.
• Scholarship:
Appraise research to enhance professional nursing practice.
• American Sentinel University Nursing Programs encourage graduates of this specialty track to prepare for and complete specialty nursing certification aligned with
your clinical practice area. Please review the eligibility criteria by accessing the certification organization’s website. A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) link to the
website is also provided. For Informatics, please see the ANCC Informatics Nursing Certification Web Page.

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