Evaluate the current forces driving change in your field (healthcare).

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Evaluate the current forces driving change in your field (healthcare). As a leader, or considering the role of a leader, assess your organization and evaluate how well it is responding to the forces, and identify where there is a need for change. Develop a vision to inspire this change. Include the following: 1. Describe your organization, including the organization’s mission, (The mission is to provide the community with the finest rehabilitation and skilled nursing care services anywhere. Excellence is our goal & good outcomes in recovery & Rehab are our daily measures of progress. We will maintain a comfortable, dignified environment where our residents can enjoy an engaged healthy lifestyle that will be a constant steady source of peace of mind to their families. We will maintain our bound to the community to our neighbors and society. We pledge to be innovative in our process & procedures& to continually set the standard of excellence among skilled nursing facilities, where residents find their physical, social, & spiritual needs met by caring, compassionate people)and identify the various stakeholders. 2. Identify the external and internal forces that drive organizational change in your field or industry. Explain the origin or reason for these internal or external driving forces. Explain how these forces directly affect the viability of your organization. 3. Choose one of the driving forces. Describe the specific issues this driving force creates, or will potentially create, for your organization or department. 4. Propose the steps needed for your organization or department to respond to this driving force. 5. Predict how employees at various levels in the organization will respond to your proposed change initiative. 6. Develop a vision for change. Describe how this vision correlates with the organization’s mission, and how you will present this vision to internal stakeholders. 7. Predict how you think your vision will assist internal stakeholders in supporting the change initiative. Identify potential considerations posed by stakeholders, and discuss how you will respond. The thesis must be comprehensive and contains the essence of the paper. The statement of the thesis is to make the purpose of the paper clear. Please use as one reference-The Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations by John P. Kotter

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