Evidence based practice assessment 1

Evidence based practice assessment 1
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BSN-FP4001 – Apr 10 2017 to Jul 02 2017 – Section 04
Assessment 1
BSN-FP4001 – Apr 10 2017 to Jul 02 2017 – Section 04

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Evidence-Based Practice In Clinical Care
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Toggle DrawerOverviewWrite a 750–1000-word professional blog post (3–4 pages) for a student nursing Web site that examines how evidence-based health care leads to better clinical decisions and patient outcomes.The nursing profession has changed dramatically in recent years. Professional references should be integrated to support perspectives in the blog. Today, nurses are called upon to translate best evidence into clinical practice. In most health care settings, bridging the gap from research to clinical practice is a dynamic ongoing process.SHOW MORE
Toggle DrawerContextFlorence Nightingale pioneered the concept of using research in nursing, yet during the first half of the 20th century, very little was done to advance this thinking. Since that time, the nursing profession has diligently worked to improve patient care through the application of research findings, or more commonly known as evidence-based practice (EBP). Evidence-based practice is the “conscientious and judicious use of current best evidence in conjunction with clinical expertise and patient values to guide health care decisions” (Titler, 2008, para. 3).SHOW MORE
Toggle DrawerQuestions to ConsiderTo deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of your professional community.
How has the role of a professional nurse changed since you obtained your nursing license?
How has EBP advanced the nursing profession?
How does evidence-based research translate to positive patient outcomes?
Toggle DrawerResourcesSuggested ResourcesThe following optional resources are provided to support you in completing the assessment or to provide a helpful context. For additional resources, refer to the Research Resources and Supplemental Resources in the left navigation menu of your courseroom.Capella ResourcesClick the links provided to view the following resources:
NHS Learner Success Lab.
APA Paper Template.
APA Paper Tutorial.
Assessment InstructionsPreparationSearch the Capella library and the Internet for scholarly and professional peer-reviewed articles on evidence-based nursing practice. You will need at least three articles to use as support for your work on this assessment.DirectionsAs a health care professional and a new BSN learner you have been asked to contribute a professional blog post on evidence-based practice to a new Web site for student nurses. The site editor has asked you to write a post that explores the following key questions:
How does research affect existing medical knowledge and practice?
How can evidence-based patient care improve the quality of care?
What types of clinical strategies help foster an evidence-based nursing practice?
Which component of the nursing process is evidence-based practice aligned with?
When writing a blog post, keep in mind that long blocks of text are hard for readers to digest, especially when reading on mobile devices. Format your document by breaking up your content into shorter paragraphs, bullet points, and lists whenever possible. Subheadings should be used to provide focus.Additional RequirementsYour blog post should meet the following criteria:
Contain 750–1000 words (3–4 pages).
Include a title and reference page.
Be readable, concise, with a logical ordering of ideas.
Provide a sound rationale for ideas, including background supported by professional references.
Provide adequate documentation of ideas and appropriate APA citation of relevant literature.
Use a minimum of three references. (These must be recent, from within the past five years).
Assessment 1 ExampleVIEW EXAMPLE ASSESSMENTSee a successful example of this assessment.How to use example assessmentsEvidence-Based Practice in Clinical Care Scoring GuideVIEW SCORING GUIDEUse the scoring guide to enhance your learning.How to use the scoring guide
SUBMIT ASSESSMENTThis button will take you to the next available assessment attempt tab, where you will be able to submit your assessment.

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