Excel Project 2 (Large Spreadsheets)

The purpose of this hands-on project is to give students an opportunity to create a large data electronic spreadsheet and a chart while applying assumptions to answer what-if analysis (CLO 4, CLO 5, MLO 4.1), and apply financial functions, data tables, and amortization schedules to an electronic spreadsheet (CLO 4, CLO 5, MLO 4.2). To do this, use the course textbook and instructional materials, along with the lecture video(s), and attached data files to complete the Excel Project 2 (Large Spreadsheets).

1. Complete Excel Module 3: Working with Large Worksheets, Charting, and What-If Analysis, pages EX 3-1 – EX 3-60. Turn in 3 screen shots (worksheet, chart, and formulas view), each on a single page.

2. Complete Excel Module 3: Apply Your Knowledge, Understanding Logical tests and Absolute Cell Referencing, pages EX 3-61 – EX 3-62. Be sure to follow the instructions for parts 1, 2, and 3 as well as steps 1 – 7 as directed and turn in a screen shot of your answers to instructions parts 1 and 2 and the worksheet and worksheet formulas view for part 3 (4 total screenshots).

3. Complete Excel Module 4: Financial Functions, Data Tables, and Amortization Schedules, pages EX 4-1 – EX 4-49*. Turn in 3 screen shots (worksheet, worksheet section, and formulas view, each on a single page).

4. Complete Excel Module 4: Apply Your Knowledge, Calculating Loan Payments, pages EX 4-50 – EX 4-52*. Be sure to follow the instructions for steps 1 – 11 as directed and turn in 2 screen shots in worksheet and formulas view of your final spreadsheet, each on a single page.

5. Attach and submit a single Word document with word processing and/or screen shots of all assignment components, labeled and in order) by the assigned due date.

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