Expand opportunities for nurses to lead and diffuse collabora?tive improvement efforts

Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing


Paper details:
A power point presentation regarding the Institute of Medicine’s report recommendations in The Future of Nursing. The guidelines and grading rubric are attached. The guidelines include the link for Future of Nursing. I must have scanned copies or links of current articles as references for my printing. More sources may be needed.
I need approximately 75 -85 words per topic/slide. To be written as if it were a slide. The guidelines are included for slides. Please type it in Word as if it power point (bullet statements).
Also only 6 of the 8 IOM topics are required. You may select 6 from the 8 of your choosing. Please included current articles and a Pdf or a link for article printing and submission.
The references must be from 2011-2106. I need a minimum of 3 articles discussing the 6 topics. Preferably more than 4 to 5 articles are used topic support.

Just for clarification:
My final submission is to be in a power point format. Because the power point pricing was cost prohibitive, I need it typed in a Word document as if it were a power point. Then I will create a power point from the written material. I am guessing that the total words should be about 1,900.

NUR 426 ? Health Policy, Advocacy and the Political Process
Fall – 2016
Professional Healthcare Organization ? PowerPoint Presentation


Professional Healthcare Organization:

o Institute of Medicine?s the Future of Nursing: Leading, change, Advancing Health:
? Read ?The Future of Nursing? from the above website
o http://www.nationalacademies.org/hmd/

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