Explain and discuss tissue bio-specimens quality control assessments

Questions (1.a) and (1.b) are 20 points each and relate to proposed modifications in current clinical workflows needed for optimal biobanking. Question (2) is 40 points and is related to methods for assessment of biospecimen quality. Read the expert opinion paper of Chadwick, D., Roehrl, M.H.A. (2013). High-quality biobanking for personalized precision medicine: BioSpecimen Sciences at the helm. Diagnostic Histopathology 19(12):447-456. Accessed at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1756231713001771 (Links to an external site.) and ppt attached. a. Summarize what modifications in the clinical workflow are needed to ensure an optimal biobanking workflow for biospecimens of high-quality: The importance of innovative biobanking informed consent process The importance of dedicated research module in the EMR system The importance of a dedicated research biobank bench in surgical pathology next to Operative Room (OR) The ability of the biobanking specimen management & tracking system to interface with EMR and CoPath (pathology medical record) (20 points) b. Formulate the collaborative strategy across multidisciplinary teams of subspecialty pathologists, specialty clinicians and researchers to ensure highest quality biobanking. Describe the innovative biobanking workflow that interfaces with, but is separated and distinct from clinical care: Subspecialty pathologists have established a specific banking protocol for each organ site; Pathology assistants and pathology residents are trained in biobanking specific protocols; Simultaneous and not consecutive processing for diagnosis and for biobanking All research studies involving biospecimens have a dedicated study pathologist Involvement of expert pathologist in study design and quality control (20 points) 2. Read the recent paper of Liu, A. (2014). Developing an institutional cancer biorepository for personalized medicine. Clinical Biochemistry 47(4):293-299. Accessed on May 10, 2019, See attached pdfPreview the document Explain and discuss tissue bio-specimens quality control assessments: The tissue histological quality control report The tissue biomolecular quality control (RNA size and quality, characterized by the RIN) RNA quality control using quantitative real-time PCR of 3/5 ratio. DNA quality control: Spectrophotometric measurement of OD 260/280 (40 points)

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