Explain how existing laws or regulations could affect your advocacy efforts.

Health politics

Part Two will have approximately 3–4 pages of content plus a title page and references. Part Two will address the following: Explain whether your proposed policy could be enacted through a modification of existing law or regulation or the creation of new legislation/regulation. Explain how existing laws or regulations could affect your advocacy efforts. Be sure to cite and reference the laws and regulations using primary sources. Provide an analysis of the methods you could use to influence legislators or other policymakers to support your policy. In particular, explain how you would use the “three legs” of lobbying in your advocacy efforts. Summarize obstacles that could arise in the legislative process and how to overcome these hurdles. must use this paper to complete part 2: Healthcare: Developing an Advocacy Campaign An advocacy campaign is speaking or acting on behalf of the other peoples. One of the fundamental components of nursing is during the professional development is patient advocacy where the nurses’ organizations aim at promoting, advocating and striving to protect health, safety and the rights of patients and population affected by specific illness. The health personnel advocates for the health of a group of people or individuals thus raising their voices. The three attributes of health advocacy are protecting the autonomy of justice, standing up for patients who cannot respond on their own and promoting justice for the patients. The first step to achieve a successful advocacy campaign is identifying the population affected by and issues it is facing. The second thing is to identify advocacy campaigns which will be researching within the population and explain the attributes that will make the campaigns effective. After getting the information, the third step will be to develop a plan for the health advocacy campaign which will seek to create a new policy or change the existing ones to deal with the problems affecting the population. In the plan, there should be a description of public health issues and proposed policy solution, specific objectives to be implemented, data and evidence which will be used substantiate the proposed plan. In this paper, I will identify the population with health issues, summarize advocacy campaigns and develop a health advocacy campaign for the issue (Sagrillo, 2013). My health developing an advocacy campaign is on black American teenagers who are infected with HIV/AIDS Durham City North Carolina, United States. The Durham population has continually grown from 2010, but there is decreased in birthrate among teens since there is the increased rate of HIV/AIDS thus cannot give birth. The Durham County government has designed a strategic plan to help the country attain health goals. These plans include decreasing health disparities within the community, strengthening the well-being of individuals and families through prevention and education and finally partnering with the community resources to increase the access to the health and wellness services to the people. The government decided to initiate these policies since there were increased cases of HIV/AIDS among African Americans compared to other races but the issue and not been addressed for a long time. The cumulative HIV cases were about 5% from the year 2010, but the population was unable to talk about the crisis and attract the attention of authorities.

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