factors that contribute to the effective design of health programs.

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Health promotion community project in Georgia

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This week’s assignment will serve as the final project. It is a comprehensive exercise designed to integrate the topics you have learned during this course into a personal health promotion community project. Community health programs are important for promoting healthy behaviors in individuals, families, and communities. By implementing health programs that target specific community needs, providers can influence patient behavior changes and improve long-term health. As you finalize your community health program plan, consider the various factors that contribute to the effective design of health programs. Keep in mind that community needs and resources should drive your planning, implementation, and evaluation. Note: This Assignment will be a final presentation of your Project To Prepare: Think about all aspects of your community program for health promotion. To complete: Explain the following in a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation: The nursing or non-nursing theory/model that guided your community program design Your community of focus Why the process of health promotion is important in the community you selected Community partners and professional partners that might take an interest in your community program for health promotion, including strategies for engaging these partners Your community needs assessment and the health promotion topic your selected, including how your needs assessment influenced your selection Barriers within the community that might adversely impact the improvement of health behavior outcomes, including whether there are community resources designed to address these community needs and help patients overcome these barriers, and thus minimize risk behaviors Community resources that you might provide at clinics and other community locations The implementation strategy and/or intervention method you selected, including any challenges that might arise and ways to mitigate these challenges Your planning process for implementing your community program for health promotion Your formative evaluation, including how this evaluation helped you to refine and delineate the summative evaluation

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