For this assignment, you will compose a response essay.

“What’s My Assignment?” For this assignment, you will compose a response essay. You will build upon what you learned in Unit 1, which was summarizing, and apply your new knowledge from Unit 2, which is response writing, to create one completed essay in MLA format. The Prompt Consider the voices ( EBOOK: THEY SAY, I SAY WITH READINGS, 4TH ED EBOOK: THE LITTLE SEAGULL HANDBOOK EBOOK: THE LITTLE SEAGULL HANDBOOK) you have heard regarding masculinity and its effects on men. Which voice in the conversation stands out to you? Choose one of the three articles that we read about masculinity and write an extended summary of it (they say) followed by your response (“I say”) to the argument made.You muse support your point with evidence, including the articles we’ve read as well as from This is How You Lose Her. You may also use additional articles that you have found on your own, but you should construct your own argument in response to one of the assigned authors. Strike a balance between the “they say” and the “I say.” You should place equal, if not more emphasis, on your “I say,” hence the purpose of this essay, a response. The response should have an overall main idea, a thesis. You can agree, disagree, or agree & disagree with the author or some part of the text. You must use at least two of templates from Chapter 4 of They Say I Say, which you should embolden. Assignment Objectives: After completing this assignment, you will be able to Summarize an author’s argument Respond to an argument with your own persuasive claim using two templates from Chapter 4 Support your stance adequately with empirical (observation from This is How You Lose Her) and secondary evidence (the other assigned or self-researched articles) and analysis Apply direct quotes to reinforce your argument, using quote sandwiches from Chapter 3 Apply correct MLA formatting and documentation Remember to review the assignment rubric before, during, and after you finish writing. Not sure how? Read about it here. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site

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