For this essay you are to critique a film of your choosing, preferably one that has been produced within the past ten years.

Film Critque Essay Objective For this essay you are to critique a film of your choosing, preferably one that has been produced within the past ten years. Yet I will allow for exceptions. So should you want to critique an older film or show, please ask me before you get started on your essay. For your critique, you need to take a position on the filmfilm-reel; so you should either argue why someone should see it or why someone should not see it. Your essay, then, will be filled with analytical examples to underscore your reasons for having your position and point of view about the film. In other words, this essay is both an argumentative and persuasive one; you should argue your position with strong, supporting examples, and you should argue your position in such a way the reader will want to see the film. Strategy Below is a list of directions to take for this essay and possible approaches to your film: 1. What kind of film is the one you have chosen? Drama, comedy, action, horror, or a combination of genres. Is it, for example, a dark comedy? Or is it a particular type of comedy, like a parody? Define the genre. 2. Into what kind of world are we taken? How would you describe the various settings and the atmosphere of the film? How does the place of the film look? What kinds of places exist in the film? 3. Describe the secondary characters that surround the primary character or characters. What type of people do the main characters have to deal with? What conflicts do these other characters introduce to the film? 4. What types of villains or antagonists are in the film? How does the primary character (or protagonist) deal with these characters that thwart his or her action? Describe the antagonist. 5. Are there any special filming devices or angle shots in this film or show? How does the director create a point of view for us to watch this film? Comment on any particularly strong scenes or images. What makes them stand out and why are they important for the film? 6. What does this film say about American or Global society? Ingredients I will expect the following to be a part of your final draft for this essay: 1. Analysis of key components of the film. I do not want a paraphrase of what happens in the work you study. I want to see that you have taken apart key aspects of the work and will use these analyzed aspects to help form the basis of your understanding of the work. 2. Inquiry should be demonstrated through research on the film. I want to see this research developed smoothly and meaningfully within your essay. 3. Critical thinking skills need to be present in your essay by going beyond just the basic aspects of the film. For example, what is the works relevance to current events? What might one learn by seeing this film? And go beyond the basic lessons, like love conquers all. Show readers that you have thought beyond the general ingredients of the work. 4. Reflection needs to underscore your overall perspective and tone in this essay. Show that you have thought deeply about the work you are studying. If its a film that truly and honestly resonates for you, then offer a reflective perspective that underscores that connection. Therefore, do not fear using narration and first person while writing this essay. We can explore other methods of utilizing reflection for this essay during class discussion. 5. Research must be performed on the film. You might use the following for research: Interviews of the makers of the film and the actors. History of other films that are similar to your primary work under study or that have been made by the makers of the primary work you have chosen. Spotlights in magazines or in online discussion sites. Critiques by other critics and scholars. Statistics that might underscore the popularity and/or cultural strength of the workmoney made on a film, numbers of viewers, etc. Dimensions This essay should be a minimum of 1000 words, double-spaced with one inch margins, and typed at a 12 point font. I will be grading on content, grammar and punctuation. And I will be looking for a significant, insightful thesis about the film or showeither stated or implied. Title page is a must. I am also requiring that you incorporate at least three (3) outside sources for this essay. So research how others responded to this film or show, and incorporate those responses into your discussion. All citations must follow MLA or APA format. Movie for this essay is Lion.

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