Forest and climate change with certification and sustainable forest management

There is 3 tasks seperate into 3 different task discription paper, which require strictly 300 words for each (not include in text citation or reference list) Task 3 (4 references) For this task you have been asked to provide a 300-word review and recommendation of certification schemes that improved SFM in Australia for a business magazine. As the readership of the magazine are business people who could be considering certification, your review will need make clear to the reader the follow points to help them decide on whether to certify and with who; – What is SFM – The role of certification in facilitating SFM – Background on key Forest Certification bodies active in Australia and their objectives – Some analysis of the forest certification schemes SFM principles and/or criteria outlining key differences, similarities, disadvantages and/or advantages. – Clear recommendations on which scheme businesses should choose and why.Task 4 (4 references)- link with lecture file name Forest Carbon CA 2019 You are a forest carbon specialist involved with implementing a REDD+ program in the Oceana region. As part of the early implementation steps you have been asked to prepare a single sided A4 fact sheet for local land holders to help them understand; – What the REDD+ program is – Why forest carbon is important in the context of REDD+ – Where it is stored in the forest – How a forest carbon is determined The information is to be provided in English and will be translated for each country as needed. As some of the concepts around carbon can be hard to understand or conceptualize, use of visual aids to explain aspect of REDD+ and forest carbon will be required. Please include some idea from lecture Task 5 (require 4 references included in reference) Using the tool kit presented in lectures 10b (and useful references below), outline plans on how you would manage the vulnerabilities of Climate Change on this Alpine Ash community by: Describing the forest and its stand dynamics Identifying key climate change vulnerabilities and impacts. Defining a management objective, (e.g. Resistance, Resilience, Transition), given the projected vulnerabilities. Identifying appropriate adaptation strategies and approaches that could be implemented to achieve/support the management objective from the menu of options (see Figure 5a on back page or LMS for summary of strategies and approaches). Please strictly depend on lecture material provided and all the preference included in the task description paper for task 5

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