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The final paper will be 5 to 7 pages (can be longer), double-spaced, 12-point font, and must follow APA or MLA citation guidelines, 1 inch margins. NEED AT LEAST 5 REFERENCES FROM PEER-REVIEWED/SCHOLARLY SOURCES.

You should have other references from the textbook, the criminal justice reform panel, and other sources. Make sure to cite from the criminal justice reform panel if you attended. – (did not attend so no need for this) Your full paper will be a more thorough version of this outline. (Did not create my outline these are just the guidelines I need followed) Final Paper Outline Your paper should have an APA or MLA cover page with your name, title of the paper, course, date, and my name

1. Introduction: one to two paragraphs: You are writing the entire paragraph -Introductory sentence/sentences referring to public health and health disparities, or social determinants and public health. -Next few sentences will mention the issues that are specific to your chosen topic and mass incarceration. -Final sentences will focus on your actual topic and provide your thesis statement Ex: A brief description of your topic. Followed by, this paper will conduct an SEM analysis on_________

2. Background: 2 or more paragraphs a. Characteristics of population have chosen (Author, year) -Who are the main characters in your chosen topic. -Young black males. -You will need to find information and statistics about this group. (these are just examples, you can write about whatever sticks out to you. -how many are incarcerated each year -what are the disparities present in the incarceration rates -how are black male youth treated differently in the criminal justice system -what factors are involved in these disparities in incarceration b. Incidence (number of new cases each year) of problem in chosen population (Author, year) c. Prevalence (number of existing cases each year) of problem in chosen population (Author, year) d. Significance (why does this matter, how is it impacting people) of problem in chosen population (Author, year). -From a public health perspective, why does this matter? d. Conclude this section by bringing it back to your chosen character or health issue. -example: the following analysis will… Sections 3-10 Applying the SEM. (social ecological model) You will analyze the chosen character and the issues that character faces based on the different parts of the SEM model.

3. Contributing Factors – Individual (Examples Race, Gender, Poverty, Skills, Intelligence) a. Individual Factor 1 (Author, year) b. Individual Factor 2 (Author, year) b. 4. Contributing Factors – Interpersonal (Family, Friends, Classmates, Parents, etc) a. Interpersonal Factor 1 (Author, year) b. Interpersonal Factor 2 (Author, year) 5. Contributing Factors – Organizations (School, Courts, Jails/Prisons, Foster Care System, Social Service Agencies, Police, etc) a. Organizational Factor 1 (Author, year) b. Organizational Factor 2 (Author, year) 6. Contributing Factors – Community Environment (Concentrated Poverty, Jobs, Opportunities for improvement, etc) a. Community Environment Factor 1 (Author, year) b. Community Environment Factor 2 (Author, year) 7. Contributing Factors – Society/Public Policy (Bail, Plea Bargains, Youthful Offender Status, No Child Left Behind, Social Promotion, Foster Care Policies, etc) a. Society/Public Policy Factor 1 (Author, year) b. Society/Public Policy Factor 2 (Author, year)

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