Health Promotion Intervention Plan

Assignment: Health Promotion Intervention Plan: (three pages)

3rd Section: Create an intervention plan designed to address the obesity issue in San Jose CA. In other words how would you solve the obesity issue in San Jose CA? I want you to solve the obesity issue through multiple area while at the same time discussing intended outcomes that you will be evaluating and measuring in the next section. Use APA citation throughout the papers to support your interventions. I provided you with links of resources at the bottom add more as you wish.

Example: and more…
• State and City leaders need to invest into infrastructure, parks, recreational areas, and discounted gyms like YMCA that support health activities. Pass laws limiting unhealthy stores in each community.
• Business community need to invest into their community by opening grocery stores that sell healthy food and products at a reasonable price.
• Healthcare professionals like nurse practitioners need to educate the city community about the health effects and consequences of obesity. They need to teach health eating habits at early age leads to healthy adult hood. They need to advocate for the community using their power and research to convince state leaders and business leader the importance of health community is in their best interest.

Assignment: Evaluation of the interventions: (two pages)

4th Section: using the outcome in the 3rd section, Describe an evaluation plan to measure efficacy of the proposed intervention.

• Discuss the potential formative and summative approaches to the evaluation.
• Provide the details of the evaluation plan, including tools, process, and any data analysis.
• Measure their effectiveness.

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