How are the doctrinal attributes of the figure conveyed in artistic representations?

HUMA 1860 6.0A: The Nature of Religion: An Introduction Final research essay topics Due date: July 15, 2019 Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Traditions This assignment is a research essay, in which you are required to use two peer-reviewed journal articles. The only online sources you are allowed to use are peer-reviewed journal articles, not personal Web sites or Wikipedia. The essay should be 1000-1200 words long or four pages with 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins on all four sides of the page. Number your pages in the upper right-hand corner but do not include a page number on the first page. References should be in the MLA format with full bibliographical entries cited alphabetically by authors last names in a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. The best place to find peer-reviewed journal articles is on the Scott library website. Go to the York University homepage and click on Quick Links. Then under Students click on Libraries. Scroll down and click on Research Guides then click on Humanities. Scroll down and click on Religion then under Finding Articles click on Finding Scholarly Articles. Then click on ATLA database and agree to abide by acceptable use. An Ebscohost search page will then open and you can enter relevant search terms to find peer-reviewed articles relevant to your topic. You will need to develop an argument and original thesis statement for your research essay. Clearly identify the thesis statements in the two peer-reviewed journal articles you are using in your essay and use them as models for writing your own thesis statement. You should read the articles not simply for information, but with an eye on analyzing the argument. You may agree, disagree, or partially agree and partially disagree with the arguments of the articles you use. Also be sure to refer to relevant passages from the textbook. You need to provide an in-text parenthetical reference when you are quoting directly (quoted material must be enclosed between quotation marks) and even when you are paraphrasing the views of others. You must submit an electronic version of your essay on the Turnitin assignment link on the Moodle page for the course. If you are unfamiliar with the MLA format please visit the following Web site and also ask your tutorial leader for guidance: topic 1 Syncreticism. Asian religions tend to be less exclusivist and more eclectic, drawing on elements from multiple traditions. Discuss the role of religious syncretism in one of the religions studied this semester. Is the idea of clear boundaries between traditions and division into different ismsHinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, useful for understanding religion in Asia? You may draw on the information on Jainism and Sikhism provided in World Religions: Eastern Traditionsso long as you discuss its interaction with one of the traditions studied this semester. topic 2 Iconography of the supernatural and divine. Discuss one god, goddess, spirit or bodhisattva from one of the religious traditions covered in World Religions: Eastern Traditions and the iconography used to represent this figure. How are the doctrinal attributes of the figure conveyed in artistic representations? What role does the representation play in ritual? Be sure to use primary sources including photographs properly cited.

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