How are the possible ways to enhance the capacity ratio of photovoltaic technology and enhance electricity transformation

Small Paper 2 Small Paper 2 consisting of two main sections (5 pages) with at least 5 references Small Paper 2 Assignment and RubricPreview the document Write a two section, 5-page (3 page Literature Review and 2 page Discussion) to answer your first sub research question, double spaced, small paper using the APA standard in MS Word. The 3-page review section presents the findings of at least three research papers or studies using the past tense and “They said” template, and the 2-page, double spaced, discussion section critically analyzes the findings reflecting your evaluation and assessment of the importance, value, and implication of the findings. Make sure that you identify and discuss issues of the renewable energy technology in the country of your research in one of the two small papers and identify and discuss related solutions in the other of the two small papers. A 3-page Literature Review section, using the following APA “They said” style: The APA style findings by Jones (2011) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. are important for both scholars who publish their research findings and college students who make effort to improve their writing skills because by using the proper citing and referencing of the information they use for their papers, they can not only avoid the risk of plagiarism, but also substantiate their arguments and make their paper more persuasive and powerful. A References section, on a separate page at the end of the paper, using the following APA style, hanging indent, alphabetically sorted:

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