How do you determine if a performance appraisal system is effective or ineffective?

Type of care provided
Care in this type of setting is delivered by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and ad

vanced practice professionals. This area of health care is the most widely used, and it is a major focus
of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, focusing on primary care providers and decreasing the focus on the
utilization of specialty providers.
This primary care organization has a high focus on creating an environment for their most valuable as

set—their employees.
Last year, as a result of gaining more feedback from the employees, the facility contracted the services
of a third-party organization to conduct an employee survey. The result was some surprising comments
from employees regarding missed opportunities for promotions, special assignments, and skills certifica

The Director of Human Resources, meeting with the executive staff to review the survey results, places
an emphasis on some ongoing problems and create some action plans for resolving and rectifying the
employee concerns. He states that the organization has a very good performance management system
that includes good rating instruments and clearly stated policy and procedures for ensuring each em

ployee receives fair and constructive feedback for the review period.
Under initial scrutiny, the performance management system seems to indicate that the Director of Hu

man Resources is correct: The system is almost perfect. However, upon closer examination and further
analysis, it appears that some managers use the system as designed, but others use a more preferred
approach that fits their “team.”
When considering that noncompliance with the current system could result in wrongful terminations and
failure to gain a promotion or new assignment, how would you address the following:
Question 1
Question 2
Are performance evaluations required by law? Why or why not?
How should managers receive special training in the use of the appraisal system?
Question 3
How would you hold the managers accountable for the proper use of performance appraisal systems?
Question 4
Question 5
How do you determine if a performance appraisal system is effective or ineffective?
How do you determine the factors used in the evaluation of employee performance?
Question 6
Question 7
If the policy and rating instruments are “almost perfect,” what could be the primary cause of the prob

lems with the employees?
Given the feedback from the survey, what are the potential repercussions of the workplace culture?

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