How is the impact you feel from the work happening (formally)? How has this come to be (progression) in the work?

Foundations in Sculpture Essay: 20% of course grade Youll be diving into the work and mind of one artist who has at least 3 works that are viewable at the Marciano Foundation for this research project. (Yayoi Kusamas installation works as well) To better understand your artist, their practice, and to understand the process of researching artwork youll be responding to the work at The Marciano Foundation. You should take detailed notes about your experience of being with the work when at the museum (following your experience, not during). You will then respond to the entirety of the experience through a discussion in class following the trip. Check hours of operation prior to going if you do not go with the class. Bring your student ID for a discount. Essay due: 4/4/19 electronically to Courses (include images in single document) The essay will be minimum 1500 words and will focus on the content and form of this exhibition and the context from which it comes. Please include a list of events or sources you visited to aid you in your research. This bibliography should include a minimum of 4 sources and include author and publication. For the sources, please do not use Wikipedia or similar websites. Find sources that are both biographically useful and speak to content and form of the work. Please also include at least 3 images, within the document or at the end, of work by your artist that you reference in the essay. Consider these topics as you write: Basically, 1)Briefly address the show and artist biographically. 2)Critique the show as weve done with work in class (what is it doing and why/how is it doing that). 3)Discuss what other critics have said about this show or work in general and if you agree/disagree. What is the content, concepts, and context for this exhibition? Whats going on in this work? How is the impact you feel from the work happening (formally)? How has this come to be (progression) in the work? What do others think and do you agree? Think about the following: Elements and Principles of art at work in the show Artistic path and journey What changed, experientially, for you while in the space What, for you personally, does this artwork relate to in your life? How is different in person than on a computer screen? How has your evaluation of the work and the artist changed since experiencing the work in person? How has the work changed your view of art or artists? What is/was your in the moment reaction to this installation? How does this inform your opinion of what art can be? What are the emotional, intellectual, experiential, spiritual reactions to the work? What connections to the work do you feel most strongly? What are the formal avenues the artist accomplishes these reactions with? How was your state of understanding altered while in the space? How did the reality of the experience differ from your expectations? Themes and veins of thought that run throughout the work Other artists who the artist has worked with and been influenced by or influenced and why? How could you see knowing this artwork affecting your artwork?

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