How to decrease nurse turnover rates by creating a safe and high-quality work environment

**Please use headings consistent with the topic areas of the rubric to separate content. **References must be timely peer review, evidenced-based; published within the previous five (5) years. A liberal number of primary and peer-reviewed references (minimum of 15). **Topic-Learn how to decrease nurse turnover rates by creating a safe and high-quality work environment **Answer each question fully Introduction paragraph (one paragraph). Introduce a practice issue appropriate for a quality improvement project facilitated by a MSN prepared nurse. The practice issue should be stated as a clear problem statement. There must be a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph that tells the reader the purpose of the paper and what will be discussed. ****The issue is Learn how to decrease nurse turnover rates. ***The Quality improvement project is by creating a safe and high-quality work environment Describe the background/context of the identified local measurable practice issue. Quantify (measure) the local practice concern to establish a baseline for your work. State a project aim in a single sentence. Use evidence to further support the concern. ( page minimum) (******Our turn over rate has been averaging 36.% in a year. This includes full-time, part-time and PRN. The organization has not had a consistent clinical educator for the past six months. Recent Hire educator is learning her new role. There was a new schedule change where the nurse went from working 12-hour shift to 8 hours during the week and 12 hours on the weekends. This means the requirement of hiring more staff.***) Discuss and apply one theoretical underpinning of change Lewins Theory of Planned Change for the proposed quality initiative. Using the selected change theory, describe the profound importance of staff engagement, empowerment, commitment, and ownership of practice improvement initiatives/projects. ( page minimum) Describe how at the improvement tool Root Cause Analysis (RCA) can be used to better understand your identified practice issue. Describe how to apply the tool to the identified practice issue to understand and assess the concern before planning an intervention. Do not describe the solution, describe how you will investigate the problem using this tool. (1 page) Use the FADE model for the quality improvement project. Describe the model and summarize the practice improvement initiative/intervention(s) using the steps of the model. This is the point in the paper where you describe the evidence-based intervention (with citation) based on the problem, background, and investigation of the concern. (1 page) Budget: Discuss briefly the revenue or savings associated with the project, expenses and identify if there will be a return on the investment. Use the budget template provided with the assignment link to prepare a brief budget. Attach the completed budget template as an appendix. (1/2 page) Based on Donabedians work, identify and describe (a) the structure measures, (b) the process measures, and (c) the outcomes measures for the quality improvement intervention(s) for this project. ( page minimum) What qualitative and quantitative measures will be identified to determine the effectiveness of quality initiative? How would qualitative findings contribute to the evaluation of your specific quality initiative? ( page minimum) Identify and briefly describe at least two visual displays for reporting outcome data for your selected practice issue (e.g. histogram, run chart, pie chart, bar graph, etc.). (1/2 page) Conclusions: Summarize the essential points of paper (one paragraph).

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