How to write the most compelling admission essay for college/university? (350 words)

My love for math exceeds the words that I can write about the subject. Math inspires me, and this is the subject that I have desired to learn for a long time. Since I was a child, I have loved the subject and enjoyed every time I was taught a new concept in class. In the beginning, I was an average student in math, but with time, I developed more interest which helped me to eliminate some of the phobias I had. I furthered my interest in class by ensuring I grasped all the concepts taught and practiced to ensure a better understanding. Outside of the classroom, I helped to teach friends and classmates who experienced some difficulties in math. I enjoyed watching math contests in videos, which inspired me to continue working hard and exceeding all my personal expectations. I was one of the leaders of the math club in school, where we met and discussed different topics to ensure everybody improved their understanding of the subject. I love to teach other people various math topics as through that, I get a better understanding, and from the questions they ask, I get to do more research and come up with better solutions.
I took part in some math contests in high school in China, which helped me compete with other bright students in the subject. I was the leader of the math’s club in school and got an opportunity to major in math at Indiana University; I would join such clubs as they are helpful. One of the significant challenges I encountered was getting school fees as my parents struggled. During that time, I was an average student, and the experiences and encouragement from my parents made me change my attitude and work to be the best in what I do in life. I improved in my academics, and I loved the learning process. I would want to pursue a career in accounting or computer security in the future, and the careers need me to have a good background in math. I will highly appreciate getting an opportunity to major in math at Indiana University and continue pursuing my passion in life.

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