How would your research benefit the profession of nursing and enhance EBP?

The Major nursing Theory that will be applied to this research is The nursing theory that applies to this research is Betty Newmans Systems Model Theory. The following is from a paper I wrote earlier in the course about the theory I am using and the problem I am addressing with the research. Is a iv started in an emergency department more likley to cause phlebitis than one started in an inpatient hospital setting? “The proposed research paper will endeavor to determine whether it is appropriate to restart a peripheral intravenous catheter that has been started either by paramedics or an emergency department when the patient is admitted to a hospital setting. Newmans systems model theory can be applied to this as it is a way to prevent further stressors to the bodies systems. Following the system model, the patient will already be out of equilibrium due to whatever stressor is causing the admission to the hospital and they may have multiple stressors pushing them out of equilibrium at the same time. The insertion of an intravenous catheter is itself a stressor on the bodies equilibrium even though it is an attempt to treat other stressors. It always causes stressors to the patient such as pain and venous injury. It also poses numerous other possible stressors such as phlebitis and trauma related to improper insertion or discontinuation (MunizBraga et al., 2018). This research paper would fall into both the primary and the secondary levels of prevention under Newmans systems theory. ” These are the actual instructions for the paper Nursing Theory and Research Final Synthesize the following areas into your major nursing theory final. Directions: Choose a major nursing theory. Think of a problem/issue/dilemma/concern that you might have encountered in the past, currently confront or see as an issue in the future and would like to study. Write a problem statement and a set of research questions you would want the study to answer. You may pick any topic you would like to someday research. You will need to integrate into your paper (1) the nurse theorist and why the theory would be applicable to your research, and (2) how you would integrate the basis of the theory into your problem statement. When writing your research questions you will also want to ask questions that would reflect the theory. After writing this section, discuss why you think this is an important area for nursing research and how it would be beneficial to the nursing profession and those it would serve. Keep this paper as you may want to use it as a guide in your educational program as you write a research paper in another course. The paper should be 5-7 pages in APA format not including the title page or the reference page. Submit your paper in APA format with a minimum of 5 references and 5 citations by the end of week 7. Be sure you have incorporated changes based on the feedback from the instructor throughout the term. The paper must include the following: Topic of the proposed research Purpose of the research Problem Statement to include your chosen nursing theory Research Questions Hypothesis if appropriate How would your research benefit the profession of nursing and enhance EBP? Annotated Bibliography

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