Identify a nursing intervention relevant to that condition

critically discuss alcohol/ misuse

This essay will critically discuss alcohol/ misuse utilising alcohol detoxification as an intervention method. You should critically discuss the vulnerabilities, it should be evidence based and include policy drivers and practice delivery associated with alcohol addiction.

The detailed breakdown of assignment focus gives detail of what you should cover within the submission. Percentage weighting for each section is provided and you should use your wordage accordingly.

SCQF Level 11

The following descriptions are for guidance only – it is not expected that every point will be covered.

Knowledge and Understanding

Demonstrate and/or work with:

· Knowledge that covers and integrates most, if not all, of the main areas of a subject discipline – including features, boundaries, terminology and conventions.

· A critical understanding of the principal theories, principles and concepts.

· A critical understanding of a range of specialised theories, principles and concepts.

· Extensive, detailed knowledge and understanding in one or more specialisms, much if which is at, or informed by, developments at the forefront.

· A critical awareness of current issues in a subject/discipline and on or more specialisms.

SCQF Level Descriptors (2010)

The above is taken from the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework and provides indicators of how students can demonstrate L11 knowledge and understanding. As it says you cannot cover every point, but it does show that the main evidence associated with this level of study relates to thinking critically, and that the knowledge you express is focused in a specialised area. This can be demonstrated in this assignment by engaging critically with research and professional literature, and based on this evaluative approach synthesise your findings to draw conclusions.

Introduction – 5%

Ø Provide a brief introduction to the assignment.

Vulnerability – 20%

Ø Selecting one from the core conditions explored in the module discuss the nature of vulnerability associated with that health need.

Ø Identify a nursing intervention relevant to that condition

Ø The clinical intervention that is to be discussed should be clearly identified and outlined.

Ø The process, purpose and rationale for use of the intervention should be given.

Evidence Base – 25%

Ø Carry out and outline a search for relevant research literature related to the intervention.

Ø Consider the evidence base for the intervention, critically analysing the evidence from research and expert opinion that link to the use of the intervention.

Ø The currency and quality of research, any contradictory findings and the strength of supporting evidence for the intervention should be highlighted and implications from this noted.

Ø There should be some conclusion drawn as to the extent to which you consider the intervention to be supported by evidence.

Policy Drivers -25%

Ø You should identify the national and local health and social care policies that drive the use of the intervention.

Ø The section should include analysis of the relevance to care priorities, patient safety and health targets.

Ø There should be some conclusions drawn about the extent to which policy and clinical guidance are linked to the research evidence base.

Practice delivery -20%

Ø Referring to the core condition you should discuss the importance of communication and compassionate care principles in the delivery of this intervention.

Ø Drawing from this discussion and your own clinical experience explore your interpersonal and communication skills highlighting areas for development in upcoming placements.

Conclusion -5%

Ø A brief summary of key points raised in the assignment.

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