Identify a problem in your environment or micro system in need of a solution.

Thinking Outside the Box Innovation Assignment


The purpose of this leadership assignment is to:

Identify a problem in your environment or micro system in need of a solution.
Employ a systematic approach to problem identification and solution development through Design Thinking.
Provide a scholarly dissemination of your work.

The assignment is due no later than November 2, 2018 at 11:00 PM CST. Any assignment posted after the due date follows the “late submission” grading policy. Refer to Course Syllabus.


Read module material. Articles provided provide valuable information related to design thinking, empathy, innovation, and disruption.
Review content notes. These notes provide additional information to support your innovation.
Review embedded media.
Complete a PowerPoint Assignment based on the criteria below using the provided PowerPoint
For more information on the UAB Design Studios Project, visit to an external site.).
Use the PowerPoint templete to complete the assignment.
Conduct a literature search to locate evidence-based, scholarly articles to support the leadership strategies recommended in your PowerPoint presentation. Use no less than five (5) scholarly references in your discussion of leadership strategies; not including Lencioni.
**Note: For NUR 737, you may receive up to twenty (20) clinical hours toward the clinical requirements for the DNP degree. Please use the DNP Clinical Log to record the hours for this course.
Prepare a scholarly PowerPoint in accordance with the requirements below.

Introduction (10%) (1 slide)

Provide your credentials, title, department/division, and UAB email on the “Introduction” slide. No need for a picture at this time. If you choose to become part of the Soultion Studio project, we can add a picture. Tajuana T Shuler, MSN, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner- Board Certified, (PMHNP-BC), School of Nursing/Doctrine of Nursing Program,
Design Thinking Slides (40%) (Slides 2, 3, 4, 5)

These slides are specific and answer the following questions in sequence:
Who are the patients? These patients are part of your microsystem. Active Duty Military members who are dealing with substance abuse problem
What is the problem? This may or may not be the beginning of your DNP scholarly project. No stress. This assignment is only to begin a dialogue and learn the language. Our patients who are diagnosed with either Alcohol use disorder moderate or Alcohol use Disorder severe will relapse at least 3 times (diagnosis is based on the DSM 5, reference that if you need to)
What is the need? Explain if there is something that patients and/or clinicians need to solve the problem. In most all cases, there is a needs not being filled….thus the need. Will receiving the Naltrexone XR injection reduce the number of relapses in patients diagnosed with Alcohol use disorder moderate and alcohol use disorder severe (Cognitive therapy and groups alone are not reducing the number of relapsing we are seeing in our patient population. If we introduced medication management will it help with the cravings and reduce the high number of relapses that we are seeing.
What is the benefit? Tell me the planned or anticipated outcomes or improvements. With the introduction of Naltrexone XR injections, this should help with the cravings our patients are receiving and reduce the high number of relapses we are seeing.
Leadership Development Strategies: (20%) (2-3 slides)

Based on your results develop a personalize leadership development plan on how you will develop the project/innovation.
Provide DRAFT ideas of how to address the need. Provide a minimum of two (2) ideas of how to address the need. Think outside the box!!
Include feedback from the stakeholders on how you identified the problems and needs.
The goal is for you to show how you identified the problem and need. Who did you work with? What feedback or guidance did they provide? Is this information based on evidence? Example, we can’t simply say…” We want to discharge patients faster”. There is some background to this. What is the current time for discharge? What are the bottlenecks?
We are not asking for a full DNP project. Only wanting you to begin thinking DNP project and Quality Improvement through INNOVATION.
Use scholarly literature to support your strategies.
Implications for Practice: (20%) (2 slides)

Provide a robust and meaningful discussion of how your leadership skills and abilities impact your ability to function in your current role
Provide a description of your ideal “dream job” and what leadership steps are needed to achieve this goal. My ideal dream job is to open my own practice where I provide services to adolescents and adults who suffer from mental health issues.
Scholarship: (10%)

Your assignment should reflect the scholarship performance expected of a doctoral student. All content should be properly formatted with correct grammar, spelling, logical flow, clear section. AVOIDdirect quotes – paraphrase cited work appropriately. Make certain that all evidence based ideas and interventions are appropriately cited. You should dedicate slide(s) to display any citations used. APA format is expected.
You should use scholarly creativeness to present and highlight your work. The end product of your work should be ready for presentation to your organization’s executive leadership team. Points will be deducted for the failure to produce a presentation that demonstrates professional and scholarly work.

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