identify data from the literature that can be used to explain or predict phenomena

Therapeutic impact of quiet environment in nursing

After finding different article related to the topic, the research proposal have to be a qualitative research.

Please use the format of the research proposal by answering chapter by chapter questions by questions following apa format. Questions following by answers.

Chapter I.
• Introduction – a brief statement indicating the focus of the study
• Problem Statement – pull together in some organized way the whole set of factors, relationships, events or behaviors being implored.
• Operational Definitions – assign meaning to your variables by specifying the operations necessary to measure the variable
• Delimitations – specifically indicate the subjects to be included in your study
• Assumptions – identify data from the literature that can be used to explain or predict phenomena
• Hypothesis – a declarative statement concerning the relationship(s) between & among the variables being explored. ( qualitative research most of the time doesn’t have an hypothesis)
• Significance of the Study – summary of the values you see in relationship to your study

Chapter II.
Related literature – extensively review literature for systematic identifications, location, and analysis of documents containing information related to proposed research problem

This sections requires for the writer to find different articles related to the topic and do a summary finding and conclusions. Please see the other attachment for four summary of four different articles already done
Chapter III.
• The method of study – indicate the type of design you will be using (Please use qualitative research)
• The setting – specify where you will be conducting your study
• Selection of subjects –specifically indicate how subjects will be chosen
• Tool for the study – identify the tool to be utilized, including available validity and reliability data
• Procedure for data collection – indicate the way data will be collected
• Procedures for analysis of data – e. g. indicate activities related to getting a numerical statement about the relationship between the variables to be studied.

Chapter IV.
• Analysis of data – How data will be categorized and summarized to obtain answers to your
research question.

Chapter V.
• Discussion of expected findings – explain expected results of analysis of data in narrative form

Chapter VI.
• Summary – briefly discuss your study
• Implications – indicate any inferences based on your findings
Form and style of presentation adheres to APA format in relation to grammar, spelling, appearance, and references.

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