Identify roles and functions of the Unit Manager position.

Strictly APA format
Nurse Manager, House Supervisor/Nursing Service Coordinator, or Unit Manager
Leadership Paper
Background of your leader described/Education obtained and location
The Important qualities or characteristics
Personal philosophy of leadership
Learning experiences most influence personal development as a leader
How leadership is evolving in nursing
Challenging issues in current position
How mentor has effected leadership style
Advice for someone aspiring towards a leadership position
why you choose specific nurse leader for interview?
Do you agree with the interviewee’s characterisitic of professional nurse?
Do you agree with interviewee’s opinion of the future changes in nursing?
Conclusion and Recommendations

Depend on which manager you choose also include the below topics of discussion in the essay.

Unit Manager Interview

1. Identify roles and functions of the Unit Manager position.

2. Discuss the process of the day-to-day activities of the work group. What is the leadership style used?
3. How does the manager develop the budget?
4. What is the unit manager’s span of control (how many people are supervised?)
5. How are staffing decisions made?
Is there an acuity index or a patient classification system.

House Supervisor/Nursing Service Coordinator
1. Identify examples of this person’s practice of management by describing instances of planning, organizing, directing, and


2. Identify and discuss this person’s authority concerning decision making within the facility.
3. Discuss how the organizational structure directs and impacts this person’s role and services.

4. Discuss the challenges of the role and tactics this person has developed (or protocols developed for the role)
to manage the responsibilities of the role.

5. In what types of projects or committees does this person participate?

Nurse Manager

1. Identify roles and functions of the Nurse Manager position.

2. What are 3 of the key job responsibilities?
3. What types of interpersonal skills are needed for this position?
4. How does the nurse manager handle employee conflicts?
5. Who does the nurse manager report directly to?
You can use below Textbook has first reference Leadership Nursing care management 5E
ISBN 9781455740710

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