Identify two theories of professional/personal interest from identified textbooks.

Middle Range Nursing Theories custom essay

Paper details:

use APA format. You will use your texts on Middle Range Nursing Theories and can include other scholarly articles for reference. I am including the objectives for this assignment.
Writing Assignment 2: Compare and Contrast Theories

Goal: The goal of this writing assignment is to help the student develop skills in a writing technique called “ compare and contrast” which is a basic form of scholarly writing that is fundamental to more advanced forms of scholarly writing.

Purpose: The purpose of this brief scholarly writing assignment is to (a) further develop the student’s scholarly writing skills while also (b) engaging the student in a detailed and systematic exploration of the similarities and differences between two theories of personal or professional interest. Comparisons identify the similarities and contrast two things systematically across defined parameters-for example, to propositions, uses and purposes, or clinical utility

Criteria: Criteria outline what the writer needs to demonstrate in the assignment in order to minimally fulfill it (grade C). In order to move above the C-level, writers demonstrate superiority in several or all of the individual criteria.

• Clear statement of purpose that provides insight into the paper’s topic.
• Identify two theories of professional/personal interest from identified textbooks.
• Clearly compare the two theories to one another.
• Clearly contrast the tow theories to one another.
• Provide a detailed description of how both theories relate to nursing practice and nursing research.
• Determine which theory is more “useful” for your future nursing practice and scholarship.
• Clearly state a conclusion that summarizes the main findings of the paper in relations to the paper’s purpose.
• Proper APA format with respect to title page, paginations, margins, double-spacing, citations, references, headings, etc.
• Relative freedom from errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
• Page length is limited to 4-5 pages, excluding the title page and references.

Tips for a Better Grade:
• Use your APA manual and strictly follow its guidelines
• Meet all the assignment criteria as spelled out in the assignment instructions.
• Use your very best thinking and writing skills.
• Rewrite, redraft, proofread, and proofread again, more carefully.
• Commit to eliminating every last typo in your final submission.
• Submit the paper by the deadline.

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