illustrate the importance of the topic in nursing practice and connect the topic with 1-2 theory models

Instructions of the Paper-
1. Concise, cohesive organization of the evidence and the proposed practiced model( THIS IS THE THEORY OF Family Health Systems Model( FHS model- the coping realm) and family stress theory model) “ I did not add reference of the models but it™s online. You can choose to focus on one model if it is difficult to add both. Preferably use FHS of the coping realm- subtopics from FHS that connect with literature can be : a) health behaviors b) stress/crisis adaptation

2. The goal is to first illustrate the importance of the topic in nursing practice and connect the topic with 1-2 theory models- The first paragraph will be an overview of the topic of poverty

3. Topic “ The impact of poverty on family current and future health status.” Below are subtopics . Can you add headings in APA formatting to make the paper flow clearly
A- Coping mechanisms of family during poverty
B- Impact of poverty on children
C- Impact of poverty on family overall health
4. Synthesis of the literature- Accuracy of the interpretation and applications of the family concepts, theory, research and other evidence
5. APA formatting , 10 pages
Lastly, I would appreciate if you could keep me in the loop regarding the progress of the paper and feedback. I appreciate how last time you updated me about the progress of the assignment. Thank you. Anna
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