impact of brexit on housing market in london

Word limit: 2,500 Assessor: Lecturer This assignment requires you to engage with the Business and Management Research Methods tools typically employed to plan for a proposed piece of original research. It requires you to produce a Research Proposal to investigate a relevant business issue and contribute to existing knowledge. It is imperative that you complete the requirements as part of the marking criteria. Approaching the Assignment: Identify the key terms and requirements for a Research Proposal Use the Marking Criteria to understand the expectations of the reader. Create an outline of your assignment. Use your Research and Referencing to support and justify all your points Use Evidence to support your proposed research design and methodology Your assignment should include in-text citations and be supported with a full List of References. You are expected to use the CU/CULC Harvard Referencing Style. Please refer to the CU/CULC referencing guide. Suggested Structure – Research Proposal 1. Research Proposal Title The title should reflect as accurately as possible the content of your chosen topic. 2. Abstract This is a brief statement of what you are intending to research. It should be no more than 1 or 2 paragraphs. This needs to concisely summarise the proposals key content. 3. Introduction Context and relevance of the proposed research Justification of the chosen topic Value of this research 4. Research Question and Research Objectives The research question should be one overall question that the research process will address. Research objectives must be clear statements that identify what the research process seeks to achieve. 5. Literature Review This chapter should provide a synthesized overview of the existing body of knowledge in your chosen topic area. Please carefully select the literature included in this chapter only those which are directly related and most relevant to your research topic should bereviewed. 6. Methodology This section should relate to your research questions and research objectives and shows how you will achieve them. Your method consists of two parts: Research design relates to the research opinion (philosophies, approaches, strategies, choices, time horizon). You are expected to make strong justifications in support of your chosen research design. Data collection relates to the last phase of the research onion (techniques and procedures). Identify how specifically the data will be collected (i.e. questionnaire, interview, focus group, etc…). 7. Research Ethics A brief, critical evaluation of potential ethical issues and risks associated with your proposed research. 8. Timescale and Resources Present a feasible and realistic timescale, showing the planning of the preliminary research stages of your proposed research. Think about the resources needed for the completion of the project that you are proposing. This could include direct costs (travel, accommodation) or indirect costs (time). 9. References A complete reference list using the CU Harvard Referencing Style is required. 10. Appendix The following documents should be attached to your research proposal as appendices: Research Poster Individual Review Feedback Document for mid-term assessment Research ethics form Participant information sheet for interview or cover letter for questionnaire Consent Form The research instruments, i.e. the questionnaire or interview questions that you will use for data collection Please include theories and graphs data

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