Implications for designing public organizations in a pluralistic environment

Analytical/Applied Research Essay Essay Instructions Write a 10-page analytical/applied research essay that: 1. Addresses 4-5 theories and topics covered in Farazmands (2002) book with implications for public service careers. 2. Applies their implications to a specific work situation or organization you have had experiences with in personal life (as an employee, a manger or supervisor, or citizen dealing with an organization). If you work in a local government or private sector organization, you can try to apply some of the theories of organization, or some styles of leadership, etc. to your organization, or a part of it. You must perform an analysis and draw conclusions. A minimum of 10 scholarly sources are required, with in-text citations and references for each at the end of the essay, listed alphabetically. Formatting Instructions The essay must use the following formatting conventions: 10-pages in length (not including references) Double-spaced; 1-inch margins; 12pt Times New Roman Chicago Style for references (see below for instructions on in-text citations) Introduction and conclusion sections (with subheadings) Subheadings for main sections References section (end of essay, listed alphabetically) Page numbers (upper right of every page) Publication years/page numbers for in-text citations and quotations If in doubt, use the course textbook to guide the formatting. Do not use APA style. Do not use footnotes or numbering (unless you must do so for an exceptional reason in which case, keep it to a minimum and provide endnotes after the essay and before the reference list). Examples of an In-Text Citation & Quotation According to Rohr (1999), public administrators can promote ethics and accountability by enhancing regime values as well as other… Rohr (1999, 29) asserts that, regime values serve the foundation for ethics education in public administration.

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