Importance of Therapeutic Communication

What is Innovation- Importance of Therapeutic Communication- Get Nursing Poster Making Assignment Help


A4 Poster Illustrating “importance of therapeutic communication in nursing”, weighted at 40%, Focus: Demonstration of an image of therapeutic communication in nursing Task: Create an A4 poster illustrating “An Image of importance of therapeutic communication in nursing”. Include a 200-250 word description of your poster. Presentation: Be creative and use illustrations as well as a suitable text style that is easily readable to identify an image of “importance of therapeutic communication in nursing”. You will need to create an image out of a minimum of five separate images. This will allow you to be more creative and specific. See the examples. For internal students you will get an opportunity to present your poster during class time in Week 8. Your poster word document must be submitted online on the due date in week 7. External students you will be required to submit your poster online with a separate word document 200-250 words to describe your poster with references. Use Arial 12 font with 1.5 spacing and appropriate APA 6th style CDU referencing throughout. Please provide a Header or a Footer ( this will depend on how your poster is set out) with your student name and number for identification on all documents including the poster. NO PDF please I am not able to comment on these formats All images must be referenced with copyright. How to develop your Poster Assignment One NUR113.docx CDU poster tips Assessment criteria: All posters are to be individual and contain no improper images. All images must be copyright acknowledged and referenced following CDU APA style. Poster rubric.pdf.

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