In this forum discuss the problem.Identify a use of technology that would allow a better solution.

Technology Case Study: Mighty Fine Burgers February 24, 2016 Technological Case Study: Might Fine Burgers Ever wonder how OTHER companies are integrating new tech? Today we’ll be looking at a snapshot of Mighty Fine Burgers and how they improved their service with technology. Keep reading to find out how a single piece of technology can profoundly affect your business in a positive and profitable way.The Challenge Austin-based Mighty Fine Burgers is a counter-service fast casual restaurant unlike any ordinary burger joint. Their mission is to guarantee that each guest is delighted from the minute they walk in the door until the time they leave.Since Mighty Fine Burgers is a counter-service restaurant, customers would place their order and then go wait for their names to be called to pick up their food. Before implementing Table Tracker, Mighty Fine Burgers simply called out the names of customers to alert them that their food was ready. In conjunction with loud music, name shouting and microphones, customers were complaining about the noise level and the overall stressful environment while waiting for their food.Thanks to the over-stimulated atmosphere, food quality was sacrificed because guests weren’t getting their meals as quickly. Guests would also have to return to the counter to get their food, congesting the already-high traffic areas instead of relaxing and enjoying the wait.The SolutionAfter listening to customer feedback, Mighty Fine Burgers installed Table Tracker to streamline the order process for the guest and deliver food to the table, therefore eliminating name shouting and food pick up. (Table Tracker identifies where guests are sitting, so their food can be brought to them more quickly.) By identifying the problem and finding a simple, technological solution, Mighty Fine Burgers was able to experience immediate and measurable results by reducing their guest’s wait time by more than a minute while changing a huge part of the guest experience for the better.How would your business improve with an extra minute?Assignment Instructions:Think of the Food and Beverage establishment that you currently or recently worked. Identify one problem in the establishment that is ongoing or happened in the past.In this forum discuss the problem.Identify a use of technology that would allow a better solution.By implementing this, how would it resolve the issue and create a better operating establishment?If this was a previous problem, discuss what technology was implemented and if it was successful and the results. Did you agree with the solution and if not what would you have done and used differently?

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