Individual Case Analysis Paper Guidelines (370 words)

The handout contains firm-specific information on a company with operations in the United States. The owner(s)/manager(s) of the company need your help with providing strategic solutions to specific and general problems. They need you to make strategic recommendations that will guarantee their long term survival.

As a start point, you are expected to make a determination of what industry group the company belongs to; analyze the industry as specified in the industry paper guidelines provided earlier in the semester. Take note of the following:

  1. A thorough industry analysis involves conducting a macro-environment analysis using PESTEL, and an analysis of the microenvironment using Porter’s five forces; a synthesis of opportunities and threats largely based on the industry analysis; and a conclusion highlighting the attractiveness or otherwise of the industry. Thereafter, you will do an analysis of the company (based on the information available in the handout provided) using the guidelines for company analysis provided earlier in the semester.

Take note of the following as you do so:

  1. An analysis of the firm is analogous to a review of its internal environment. Such an analysis culminates in the proposition of viable strategy for the firm.
  1. You will conduct and an in-depth analysis of the company. As you have seen from our class discussions and studies of the text material, the internal environment analysis and making strategy recommendations include identifying strengths and weaknesses and then making strategy recommendations across three levels (corporate, competitive, and functional) to align these strengths and weaknesses with the opportunities and threats you found in the external environment analysis.

Present your final submission as a MS Word document ONLY.

Be sure to include an executive summary which in this case will be in the form a letter to the main principal/owner/manager of the company as provided in the handout.

Be informed that you are free to research as far and as wide as you consider necessary. Remember that the more information you have, the better you are likely to do on the assignment.

Use the APA format for writing and reporting. Be careful to cite the source of any information and or statements you use that are not originally yours. Your work will be evaluated for proper grammar, proper terminology, sound quantitative reasoning and effective organization.

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