Interprofessional collaboration and RN role


Description A draft introduction paragraph identifying the purpose (thesis) of your scholarly paper An annotated bibliography incorporating a minimum of 6 current (5 years old or less) references, 3 of which MUST be peer-reviewed nursing journal articles. Additional resources may involve the use of current nursing textbooks, RNAO BPGs, CNO guidelines and standards, or CNA documents. Avoid using non-scholarly internet references. Include a title page and annotated bibliography – not counted in the 2 page paper Length – approx., 2 pages + the title page and bibliography. In your paper, be sure to describe how you will analyze your topic/issue/construct so that the reader develops a balanced understanding of it, i.e. go beyond just a description of the topic. Ensure that you identify how your topic will be explored in relation to the role of the RN in the practice setting. NO FIRST PERSON WRITING. *** the essay plan will be marked for proper APA. Use APA manual 6th edition, do not rely on online APA tools. Keep in mind that your scholarly essay will be evaluated on a number of different dimensions, including the following: Importance of the topic to the role of the RN in the practice setting Originality of ideas and arguments Quality of description AND analysis, including use of supporting literature and evidence Overall persuasiveness of the implications and conclusions Introduction identifying your topic and its significance. The introduction should include your thesis statement. Your thesis statement need not to be identified as such, it is a statement that you work into your introductory paragraph. You should also include the objectives or purpose of the argument or analysis. Usually 1-2 paragraphs at the most. In Scholarly writing, paragraphs are usually 3-5 sentences each. Avoid page-long paragraphs. A writing tip for you is the following: Sentence one – what is the topic Sentence two – the significance of your topic Sentence three – your thesis statement Sentence 4 (and 5 if needed) – tell the reader how your will defend or support your thesis statement, something along the lines of “the following essay will take the format of….” General discussion of topic/issue/construct with references to literature from your review in assignment #1 and other sources of evidence to support your argument or analysis. Pick 2-3 approaches to your subject to defend that can be presented in different paragraphs or subheadings in your paper.

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