introduction to aboriginal study

You will be expected to critically assess your own learning experiences in this course and address the 5 questions below. Be honest! You may also like to consider discussions on how you could have improved your learning throughout the week. Were there strengths or weaknesses evident in your learning? Could your weekly tasks and overall learning experiences have been more in depth? If so, how? Did you address all tasks? Are you viewing through a different cultural lens- what have you learnt? Have you gained sufficient knowledge? How will you use it? Cultural awareness/cultural competence- have you commenced the journey? Use content from the course to support your own personal response. Referencing/bibliography will be needed ONLY if you use sources/citation to strengthen your Reflection. To be submitted via Turnitin. There is no right or wrong response for this task. Each reflection is personal and an honest account of your own learning journey- you will need to address the questions as criteria. Hints for writing a critical Reflection and identifying personal values are in Blackboard- Reflection Tools-Assessment tab. Reflection Questions: (Use questions as headings). 1/ Provide an example of at least one area each of personal and academic growth that you have experienced as part of completing this course. What have you learnt about you? (Refer to examples in Blackboard assessment tab.) 2/ Give two examples of how the cultural knowledge/perspectives presented in this course may be useful in your current or future workplace/industry. 3/ Identify any personal values that were challenged whilst undertaking this course. 4/ Provide a strong example of your best work submitted (post) or peer reply (will not be included in word count). Why did you select this example? 5/ Finally, reflect and sum up your own online cultural learning journey this semester.

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