Introduction to Public Health Research Methods

?Review ?Read Public Health Research Methods to prepare for this week’s discussion and assignments. oChapter 1: Introduction to Public Health Research Methods oResearch Methods – Introduction (00:04:02) (opens in new window) Discussion | Importance of Public Health Research Review Complete the assigned readings and review this resource to prepare for this discussion. ?Why Learn Research Methodology? (opens in new window) Respond Do you ever wonder how the findings of a recent news article or research article were determined? Findings are only as valid as the methods used to arrive at them. In order to serve as a public health practitioner, you will need to understand and then apply accurate research methods to reach valuable findings. 1.For this discussion, select a scholarly article from the APU Library on a public health topic of interest. 2.In this discussion forum, summarize the study and critique its methods. Questions to consider include: ?What sampling technique and size were used? ?What portion of the sample actually participated? ?Were there obvious biases? ?What were the strengths and weaknesses of the study? ?If the study was a trial, was it randomized, controlled, blinded or double blinded? Discuss Respond to the initial prompt with a substantive post by the first deadline. Discussion Requirements ?Initial Posts: 250-300 words ?2 APA formatted references in posts REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS oMauffette-Leenders, L. A., Erskine, J. A., & Leenders, M. R. (2007). Learning with cases. London, Ontario: Richard Ivey School of Business. oStroh, D. P. (2015). Systems thinking for social change: A practical guide to solving complex problems, avoiding unintended consequences, and achieving lasting results. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing. ?Public Health Research Methods

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