Justify a public health problem within your community using multiple sources of data

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Justify a public health problem within your community using multiple sources of data. Overview Often in practice, nurses recognize recurring health problems within the community. Part of the role of the nurse leader is to address these recurring problems and promote the health of populations. Through the remaining competencies in this area of expertise, you will be practicing public health nursing. You will begin by selecting a health problem in your community, collaborating with public health professionals in your community to verify the problem, and gathering health data and statistics on the incidence and prevalence of the problem. In the remaining competencies, you will develop an evidence-based, primary intervention at the system level addressing this health issue. For this Performance Task Assessment, you will choose a health issue in your community that a nurse might be able to improve at the population level. In order to determine where a gap in healthcare may lie, you will collaborate with professionals across the healthcare system and identify social determinants and health behaviors that result in poor health outcomes. You will also explore multiple sources of data to support the existence of this health issue as a first step in taking the lead in advocating for and collaborating with others to improve the healthcare outcomes for populations at risk. Submission Length: 2- page paper Looking Ahead: Over the course of these competencies, you will be going through the steps of your practicum project. This project has four parts that will be completed over the course of this area of expertise: 1. PH02 involves collaborating with public health officials, gathering health data, and writing a public health nursing problem. 2. PH03 involves performing a community assessment related to your health problem 3. PH04 involves evaluating evidence and creating an annotated bibliography to inform a primary prevention intervention to address the health problem. 4. PH05 involves collaborating with health professionals by presenting your information and incorporating feedback. Your presentation will be the product of the work you have done in PH02, PH03, and PH04, and will also include developing an intervention plan as well as a plan to evaluate an intervention. Competency Statement: Justify a public health problem within your community using multiple sources of data. For this performance task assessment, you will examine the community in which you live to find out which health problems are most urgent and relevant to your practice. You will contact public health nurses and other officials regarding health problems relevant to your practice. You will also inquire about the current priorities for addressing health problems within the community. Based on these conversations, as well as a search of data, you will identify a public health issue that affects a specific population within your community. The public health problem that you identify in this competency will serve as the subject for your practicum project, which continues throughout PH03 and PH04 and culminates with the completion of your final project in PH05. Submission Length: 2- page paper Identifying a Public Health Problem As a healthcare professional, you are keenly aware of health issues in your community and are directly involved in the treatment of these issues on a daily basis. But how can healthcare professionals better understand the issues facing their communities so that they can do a better job of addressing them? To prepare for this Assessment, complete the following steps: • Step 1: Collaboration With Public Health Officials

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