List two (2) needs and health issues that would be highlighted in a nursing assessment of Chris’s condition. (2 marks each

Chronic Ear Disease: Case study

case study about aboriginal disable boy suffering form chronic ear disease etc

Please Harvard style referencing- books, journals, articles just 6 question to answer 50 to 60 words each answer depending on questions. need to write lit more about chronic ear disease in aboriginal community in first answer.

Part 1: Action Plan Poster – To be completed BEFORE presentation. Can be given at the beginning of the unit.
Part 2: Presentation
Student instructions
Instructions  This is a group assessment task – 3 -5 students per group.  There are two (2) tasks for this project.
Firstly, you are required to work on preparing an Action Plan (learning program), poster that can be used as an education resource for staff looking after Chris and his family. Students can choose to present via an E-poster or via a hard copy poster. E-posters are to have no more than ten (10) slides and hard copy posters are to be presented on an A3 sheet.
Secondly, you will present (alternating) the poster to your class. You have 15 minutes to present either version of your poster. The 15 minutes is to include preparation and question time. Imbedded skills in this assessment include that students will follow organisational policies, procedures and applicable codes, standards and legislation, in consultation with the Registered Nurse and utilising the nursing practice decision making framework.
Chris is 13 years old, he lives in a regional Aboriginal community with his family, being predominantly his grandmother and mother. He suffers from chronic ear infections that have caused some permanent hearing loss and inhibited language and literacy development. His disability makes it difficult for Chris to keep up with his school work. Recently Chris has stopped his regular attendance at the health clinic for checkups, because there have been some deaths in his community and there are some cultural issues. The Community Health Centre runs a weekly education in-service programs for the staff at the center, on different health issues. The multidisciplinary team work with the community, clients and their families to create better awareness and improve access to health services. You are a student Enrolled Nurse on a community placement. The Centre manager has requested that as a professional development activity, you develop and present an Action Plan (learning program), for center staff, aimed at helping Chris and his family. As a part of the process for developing the Action Plan (learning program), you have interviewed Chris and his family the week before the health information session, to identify his needs, goals and assist with planning outcomes.Part 1:
The Action Plan Poster must address the following topics: (45 marks = 45% on Marking guide)
1.1 Identify which classification of disability Chris has and which level of restriction he would have with his disability. (4 marks)
1.2 List two (2) needs and health issues that would be highlighted in a nursing assessment of Chris’s condition. (2 marks each = 4 marks)
1.3 Identify two (2) factors, including cultural factors, which are impcting on Chris’s health and his care. (2 marks each = 4 marks)
1.4 You have noted that 6 months ago, Chris weighed 60kg, but his assessment weight today is only 42kg. Identify how much weight per month, Chris has lost. Also identify one (1) potential risk that could further impact on his health and care. (2 marks for calculating weight loss, 2 marks for identifying a potential risk = 4 marks)
1.5 In your Action Plan (learning program) for Chris, which Wellness Model of care would you apply and why? (Responses may vary, no more than 50 words) (6 marks)
1.6 As student EN’s working within the multidisciplinary health team and keeping within the EN’s scope of practice, identify two (2) members of the multidisciplinary team that would be involved in Chris’s care and briefly explain how they would assist. (No more than 50 words)

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